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Once again, it's been a while since I've posted. I guess it's a good thing, though. It means life is full, and it means that I'm not spending significant amounts of time being emo in my bedroom.

Paul and Chad are all moved in now, so now all four of us are here and it's a full house. I've been spending a lot of time with my friends - ridiculous amounts, in fact. I'm almost excited for classes to start tomorrow if only for life to slow down a little bit, which doesn't really make sense.

I've purchased a few books....but I've either used coupons, or have taken advantage of Half-Books' extra 20% off sale, which means....70% off total! Tonight's big decision will be whether or not to drive all the way over to the east side and check out their Half Priced Books. There could be mountains of manga Louise and I haven't even discovered yet! Decisions, decisions.

Also, I feel like I should inform you, my blog-readers, about the change in my relationship status. According to my blog's stats, most of you are people I know in real life, and therefore are already aware, but I know from personal experience how ambiguous and vague bloggers can be sometimes when they go through rather significant life changes and just wait for their readers to catch on. I think that's kind of mean.
So, here we go: I'm dating this guy named Antoine. Yes, the same one who's been mentioned in various posts, and who I believe has left random comments. He's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I am extremely gleeful, but I feel kind of weird explaining the whole story and whatever on the Internet.

So instead, I'll share some of the more amusing reactions I got when people received the news that I was no longer single. I apologize to those friends here in Madison, because I think I've shared all of these with you already. I guess that's what you get for starting a blog post and then abandoning it for 4 days. Sorry, guys, :/
For the most part, people said something along the lines of: "OMG YAY!" These are the gems.

Mom's Reaction:

Kristy's Reaction, as given on AIM:
Are you for real?!
This is Jackie, right???

Mom's Voicemail given the morning we were going out for dinner:
Hey, it's me....just wondering if you're excited to go to dinner tonight....and what you're going to wear....and where you're going....AND DON'T WRITE ABOUT THIS ON YOUR BLOG WHERE EVERYBODY CAN READ ABOUT IT!

Sorry, Mom. I wonder if Mom is aware that Antoine already reads my blog. In fact, I wonder if that's ever a step people need to get over in a relationship. Like, sometimes people have to get over "I have AIDS" or "I don't believe in kissing." But like, do people ever have difficulty to responding to "I have....a blog. Yeah....yeah, you're in it. I think most of it's good....No, no....You should wait until tomorrow to check [so I can delete the bad stuff]."
As I've told friends: this is the advantage of having kept a blog since the age of what, 14? You learn the hard way that putting shit on the Internet means that yes, everybody reads it.

I guess that's about it. As I said already, class starts tomorrow. For whatever reason, I'm not nervous/afraid at all. Hopefully that's a good sign. I fully intend to kick some ass this semester.
The Student Organization Fair is tomorrow in Memorial Union, too, which means I'll get to man the Anime Club table for 3 hours, enticing freshmen with pocky and trying to assure them that a lot of Anime Club is really cool, and giant robots/gore/people with wings is actually pretty awesome.

Also: WTF, they revamped! It always disturbs me when my favorite websites get totally re-made.

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"I just...well...I don't know. I thought you should know...I have a blog - it's not contagious or anything! I'm getting treatment! I don't even write in it anymore, actually! I'm sorry, I just, well I wanted to clear the air before things got too serious, you know, in case you wanted out...I would understand."

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