wSep 22, 2006

Jacqueline, go to sleep!

I find this extremely amusing. Homes have more TVs than people.

OMG, Ryan and I are going to be going home on the same weekend, and guess which weekend it is? THE ONE WHEN BATTLESTAR GALACTICA HAS ITS SEASON PREMIERE. Holy crap. Life would be so boring if I wasn't such a spastic geek.

This week went mostly alright. I didn't get as much homework done as I'd like to, but I'll buckle down next week (Yes, I will!). I did finish "Taming of the Shrew" today, though, so I guess that's an achievement. My Shakespeare class is hands-doiwn my favorite class this semester. I love reading his plays. I always have, and I don't know why. The house feels pretty weird because Paul is gone (he's in Alaska for 6 days for some wildlife thing, wtf) and Louise is gone (she went home for the weekend).

Tomorrow, Chad, Antoine, and I will leave hella early for Chicago to meet Kristy and do hanging-out things. It sounds like we'll be together for meals and transit, but otherwise will be split into pairs to travel the city on foot. Deciding which purse to bring on a trip is such a pain in the ass!
Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able to make any audio blog posts. I tried making two last night, and I don't know where they went, but they certainly didn't show up here. :/
Oh well. I'm excited for pizza and for Kroll's and for the Art Institute! There's also a possibility that we might meet Eric (lived next door to me at home since forever, and now lives in Rockford, IL) and his girlfriend for a meal at some point. Whee! But yeah. We're leaving at 6am (which means I try to wake up an hour and a half before....;_; Why am I not asleep?!). I've purchased some vanilla frappucino in advance, so hopefully I'll be good to drive. I'll definitely be making Chad drive once we get to Chicago (I don't do well in heavy traffic unless I know exactly where I'm going, and Chicago is....yeah.).

Grey's Anatomy - do not read if you haven't seen the first episode of Season 3 and are planning on doing so!
I've gotta say, I wasn't too impressed with this episode. I think this is probably because it wasn't very funny. The show is usually really good about blending absurd humor with the romantic angst, but that didn't really happen in this episode. Some of the script was pretty lame, too. As was some of the acting. Like, seriously, that flashback with Addison and Derek - Kate Walsh did an excellent job, but Patrick Dempsey kind of sucked. And those lines?! WTF. "But Derek --- We're Addison and Derek!"
"No. We're not Derek and Addison any more."
Seriously? Seriously?! That's all they could come up with?
I also thought it was lame that Izzie laid on the floor for an entire episode, not moving. I mean, I understand that she's supposed to be immobile with grief and whatever, but it just seemed like an unrealistic way to go about doing it.
Also, Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey) was either overacting ridiculous amounts, or there's something the writers purposely aren't telling us. Either way, her lines were unsettling and out of place.
I really dislike Derek. He's a jerk, and I hope he ends up alone.
Alex and Addison are totally going to do it with each other.
I want Meredith to pick McVet, but I think we all know she's going to do something lame, like find a way to not decide between the two.
I wish George could fall in love with Callie and be happy, but I don't think he will.
Annnnnd yeah.

On a side note...apparently a TV station in Canada aired the second episode instead of the first episode. *Somebody's getting fired!*

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