wJul 10, 2006

Titles are for losers.

Today is a day off from everything, and it really feels nice. I stayed up until 2:00 last night watching Pride & Prejudice in the den. My laptop's desktop is now hot!Darcy walking through the mist (Macfadyen version, not Firth. They're both attractive, though, heehee!). I had all kinds of plans for this morning, but so far all I've really done is tool around on LiveJournal and look at Harry Potter fanart. But it is so much fun!

Anyway, Steph came yesterday and it was really fun! She brought me stuff. Like green tea cookies - SO YUMMY! I love green tea. So green tea cookies are like, the shit. She also gave me a PlayStation game called Chocobo Dungeons, which I'm excited about. It is chibi and cute. And Final Fantasy I has no plot and no characterization, so I really haven't been motivated to play it at all.

The reason Steph came up here was because we wanted to go shopping for clothes together. And we did! I was mildly successful with a pirate t-shirt, a cool sweatshirt, earrings, and a necklace. The necklace was only $3! I think it looks like a star! Granted, it is cubic zirconia, but I can never tell the difference between what's real and what isn't. What matters is whether or not you look badass. This is something only you can decide.

Gordon came up to visit too, and stayed for pizza. He was meeting his family in a place farther north from here. So, we all ate pizza. And it was good. Anyway, standing in one of the stores that Steph and I shopped in, she randomly stopped and said, "So, is your mom going to be home tonight?"
"Yeah, she should be there when we get back."
"Good. I'm really excited for her to finally meet my fiance."
......*mouth makes perfect O-shape as I cock my head to the side* Obviously, I followed this up by calling her a whore many times. So, yay Steph/Gordon! I'm glad some of us can be romantically successful, lol. Look forward to the wedding in summer 2009.

Before Steph came, however, my sister, Kevin, Mom, and I went with the kids to the Lambeau Field parking lot so that they could ride their scooters/bicycles. Dylan turned 5 yesterday, so that was a mini-celebration before his real party, which will be Wednesday night. Dylan wore his Superman cape, which he hasn't removed since he received it early Sunday morning.

There was excitement when Dylan stole Amelia's tricycle. Don't worry, though. She chased him and beat him until he gave it back (that makes an aunty proud, :D). Yes, those are curls sticking out from under her helmet.

Hey, is this weekend the weekend that Anime Club is having one of its summer gatherings? Because going to one of those would be cool. Especially this weekend, because they're talking on the Anime Club forums about Pirates of the Caribbean and then it was decided that "swashbuckling" would be a cool theme, and then Bob brought up silent films from like, the 1940s, or possibly The Princess Bride and that would be so cool! I just don't know where I'd sleep, :O Maybe Chad's empty apartment, lol. But yeah. I get off of work on Saturday at noon. So....SOMETHING COULD HAPPEN.

Tonight, Ryan and I cruised around town for a bit. I purchased KOTOR II (new, for the same price I had purchased it used - and it damn well better work this time!) and lip gloss because every once in a while, a girl needs lip gloss. And a kickass video game.
Ryan and I then watched 8 episodes of Monster on my TV. It was glorious. Nina is still my favorite character. I had a new favorite, but he was promptly killed off (teh suck).

This post was going to be a lot longer, but I'm suddenly feeling angsty, so I don't think that's a good idea right now. I'm wearing the sweatshirt I purchased yesterday. It's a shade of maroon, and it's Roxy, but there are wings on the back of it, which is pretty much the only reason I bought it. I guess it fits okay, too. The other shirt I purchased yesterday was a pirate shirt. OMG if I go to Madison this weekend, I could totally wear it for "swashbuckling night." Okay, now all I need is a plan.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:06 PM

I like the picture of Amelia chasing Dylan, that would have been funny to see.

Also, green tea cookies sound disgusting.

By Blogger Dave, at 7:28 AM, July 11, 2006  

Green tea cookies sounds DEEELISH!

OMGWTFSPLOSION *dies* You sound llike you are having much fun. Joys to the shopping and the clothingness. And Cubic Zirconia is pretty cool stuff, I think (maybe it's just me lol!!!111shift1)

Lambeau Field, aaaaah how I miss it.

Steph/Gordon EEPS!

By Blogger Tas, at 7:58 AM, July 11, 2006  

Hey Boo-Boo, Creighton and I have a futon. I'll have to ask him if he minds having a hobag in the house, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't. So, SLEEPYTIME OFFER AT YOU!!! It'd be great to have ya here.

Also, OMFWTG Gordon and Steph!!! That absolutely makes my... month. If either of you guys read this, congratulations from Creighton and I!

By Anonymous Carolyn, at 1:27 PM, July 11, 2006  

Talked to Creighton, and it's official: you are invited! Email/call/semaphore and let us know the dilly.

By Anonymous Carolyn, at 1:48 PM, July 11, 2006  

Your mom made an identical o-shaped face =)

Anime weekend sounds fun, although it seems I'm pretty busy again.

Thanks Carolyn! We wanted to tell you and Creighton but we didn't want to stifle Jackie's train of blogthought long enough to plan a trip to Madison. Now, however, we must find Jackie a man because almost all of her friends are married/engaged. And by "all" I mean 4 sets of them.

By Blogger Steph, at 5:03 PM, July 11, 2006  

I LOVE THE SUPERMAN CAPE! Include more Dylan & Amelia photo ops in your blog. Those kids are to die for! Adorable!!!!!!!!!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:26 PM, July 11, 2006  


Kristen: I'm not really sure how to respond except by SQUEEE.

Carolyn: WOOT. I tried calling Louise to see if she wanted to go too, so whenever I hear back from her and have a plan, I'll let you know. I am definitely going to Madison, though, and will probably be sleeping on your futon (expecting Creighton to wake me up in the middle of the night calling me a whore and telling me it was all a joke and I really have to go sleep in the street).

Steph: Who is the fourth set?! You and Gordon, Chad and Kristy, Creight and Carolyn....did I write in my blog that Brianna broke off her engagement? I can't even remember, :O

TM: It has been so long since you've commented! I was just wondering to myself today whether or not you still read my blog, hehe. But yes, they are cute. There are always much cuter pictures that I'd like to put in my blog, but I think Julie would be uncomfortable with that, so I try to go for ones where you can't really see their faces very clearly.

By Blogger Jackie, at 10:38 PM, July 11, 2006  

Nope, you didn't tell me that Brianna did, so I guess it is four sets after all!...Four sets, unless of course there's something Paul isn't telling us...

By Blogger Steph, at 4:59 PM, July 12, 2006  

4 - 1 = 3


By Blogger Jackie, at 10:35 PM, July 12, 2006  

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