wJul 13, 2006

A Bigass Post About World War III (This is the most disjointed post ever. Even for me.)

Firstly, OMG 2 of The Office "webisodes" have been posted on the Internet and you can watch them. Sadly, there is no Pam nor Jim. But there is Phyllis and Kevin. I love Phyllis. I don't know why. I always feel so bad for her! I love her, :/

I always feel guilty for writing huge posts like this, but Ryan and Dave have already chastised me for not doing it yet. And I started writing this huge post. I really did. But then I realized that I was doing exactly what I describe as hating in the paragraph below - regurgitating things. You're all intelligent, and I have felt quite shitty both physically and mentally in the last 48 hours, so I think I'm probably just going to go now and try to get a lot of sleep. You can read what I started writing. Eventually, I just started posting links. It looks like hell. It's probably useless. But I spent an hour writing things that I deleted, so I figured I might as well post something. Yes, everything is from the BBC. The BBC is definitely not my only news source. I just think their website and international coverage is the best. There you go. Once again, back to your blog post in progress.

Randomly, things gleaned in this post might not be unuseful.

I hate political blogs. No, really. I do. Daily Kos and Talking Points and even ones that only cover Wisconsin politics - all they do is regurgitate articles. Each blogger has chosen either the Right or the Left, so it is very easy to predict everything they say about every topic. They're never exciting. They're never intellectually stimulating. I know I write about politics a lot, but I do try to have a purpose in doing so every time I do it, and also to justify any opinions I might give.

This post is for people like Steph, who don't really follow the news. Because, it might be a little dramatic, but World War III or something like it could very well be starting. Also, I like keeping a record of things like this - what we knew and when we knew it, and how it felt at the time.

North Korea

Says the BBC: Analysts say it is hard to work out with any degree of certainty what lay behind this test.

Some argue it was an attempt by North Korea to remind the Americans - who have shifted the focus of their non-proliferation efforts away from North Korea to Iran - that the issue still requires their attention.

Others say the United States' efforts to clamp down on alleged money-laundering by the North Koreans through banks and businesses based in the southern Chinese enclave of Macau are biting hard.

I really do love the BBC's news website. I think they really do have the most comprehensive coverage of international events. Any time you click on a story, you can always look on the side, and there are always worthy links to more coverage. Of note related to North Korea:

I don't expect North Korea to start shooting missiles at anybody any time soon. Their army and near-fascism is frightening, yes. But for now, I think the implications are mostly in how countries such as China, Russia, the US, the UK, and Japan relate to each other. Which could be important, considering everything else.

Israel, Lebanon, and Iran

Of note related to Israel and Lebanon

Of Note on Iran:


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