wJun 13, 2006

This is what happens when I consume caffeine before 11:00 am.

I am so lazy when it comes to uploading pictures to this blog. I took some when I was Up North, but putting them in this blog entails cropping them, resizing them, uploading them, and then pasting the code into this little box. I'M GOING TO GO WITH NO.

Anyway, I went Up North Saturday after work to join my parents, Julie, and the Beasts (Kevin was on-call, and had to stay home with the frickin' frick cat). Many movies were viewed, I finished Wuthering Heights, we went into town twice, Dad took Dylan fishing, Dad took a tick off of Dylan and burned it in the ashtray, I was woken up at 6:30 am by the kids and realized the heat hadn't been on all night, and my toes were almost all blue and then ran to take Julie's bed to hide from the kids (surprisingly much more irritating and shrill before 10 am), tailed by at least 2 shrieking children, and yeah. I still have Kevin's electric thingy that makes it possible to listen to CDs in my car on my portable CD player. Thus, a lot of small-town Wisconsin was treated to the likes of Shiki no Uta and System of a Down. It was glorious.

I've related this conversation at least 4 times to at least 7 people since coming home, but the story is so amusing that I must share it here. My sister had taken Amelia to the doctor's office, and the doctor was asking Mia some questions to "test her development."
"Amelia, what do you do when you're hungry?"
"I eat."
"What do you do when you're tired?"
"I lie down on the couch."
"Mia, what do you do when you're cold?"
"I pee."
I asked Julie what exactly this meant regarding Amelia's "development," but none of us knew. It should be noted that Olivia found the exchange hilarious, and any time it's brought up, dissolves into giggles for at least 5 minutes straight. Then again, Olivia is a 7-year-old girl, and giggles about nearly everything.

Jennifer is home from her 3-week European trip, spent mostly in Belgium. She came back, and I now have a bar of Belgian chocolate, a small gold pocket-rosary (from the Vatican, right??), and a printed painting of Notre Dame that I need to find a kick-ass frame for. Can you bring your own personal prints into a store to find a frame for it? Or would they freak out? Because I can definitely see ShopKo people freaking out and accusing me of stealing.

I do enjoy it very much when people leave their check-out slips in library books, and I can see what else they checked out. For example, whoever checked out the Cowboy Bebop manga before me had a fun week that included a lot of anime.

Speaking of that....how awesome is it that our library system charges $1.50 to check out DVDs....BUT ANIME IS EXEMPT! I think that our downtown library has a very wide range of anime DVDs, but I never get to see them because their section is always almost completely annhilated, leaving behind only Witch Hunter Robin, the last ten episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon movies, and random Miyazaki movies. I've been making it my habit to rent a DVD per week - that's all I really have time for (I've been trying to make myself read). Maybe by the end of the summer, I'll have an idea of what their entire stock entails. But when I was checking out (the first 4 episodes of Gankutsuou) yesterday, I was able to put a face to my Foes. A girl who looked about 15 had a stack of at least 13 anime DVDs that she was checking out, and needed a backpack in order to carry them (to this, I cry "Wuss!" - I can't count the times I walked out of that building using my chin to steady my stack of books as an adolescent). What the heck is with these punk kids and their summers? Don't they have jobs? Who has time to watch that much anime within the 7-day time limit?

There is a sign above the anime DVDs and also on the manga shelf advertising an anime club that meets in the auditorium of the library. I might consider going, if they didn't refer to themselves as "aka the Blade_Children!" Seriously, who has an underscore as part of their club name? I assume that they are obnoxious pre-teens who watch their anime dubbed.

Between my two jobs and internship, I am working 40.75 hours this week! GO ME! Only 4.5 of them are today, bwaha.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:06 AM

hey you!

I know you can get your print framed at most places--

and by most places I mean michael's, or maybe target, and if all else fails one of the poster shops on state street. They might be a lil hefty in price though.

teh love :) miss ya


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