wJun 15, 2006


I wrote most of this last night, so when I say 'today,' I really mean Wednesday.

Life is full now, with the equivalent of three part-time jobs, but it feels better. The only other things I feel like I need to add to my summer are writing and practicing the piano. Writing will be the first to be integrated, :) I just reread all of the plot ideas I had scribbled down for Ghost Hunters, and now I'm all excited. I had forotten about a lot of them, so when I was reading them, it was like, "Oh, yeah! Ohh, this is going to be so good! ...Where the hell is that going to fit in?" I still have the problem of one massively over-developed character, while the rest of them really have no development at all. So, perhaps when I'm at Shopko tomorrow at 8:30 am, I can ponder the fates of my characters, instead of my job.

I shipped my first book sold through the Internet today! And thus, the stack of 33 at the foot of my bed labeled "SELL" decreases by one. Part of it is my fault....I really need to list them all.

My mom and I watched like, 3 episodes of Grey's Anatomy tonight. I'm getting it all messed up in my head now, because I've seen the second half of season two, am rewatching the entire series by myself, and watching it with my mom. Tonight, when we finished season 1, Mom said:
"So, the DVDs for season 2 aren't out yet, are they?"
"Um, no."
"Now I won't be able to watch any more! Does she stay with that married guy? What happens to his wife? JUST TELL ME. Hey...haven't you been watching the next season, though?"
"How can you watch it if-----"
"Don't worry about it, Mom. In fact, don't think about it all."
".....So, if we call Kevin, can he hook your laptop up to the TV?"

When I'm done reading the 50 books in my room that I own but haven't had time to read yet, I really need to get back into the Star Wars books. Yesterday, I picked up the newest New Jedi Order book in Waldenbooks, and the jacket told me that Jacen (one of Han/Leia's sons) has a son named Ben!! WTF!

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