wJun 6, 2006

I would blog more often if anything ever happened.

I don't really think that the colors match. But I made the banner and then I thought, "Now what the hell am I going to use as a color that goes nicely with that?" I think we're all aware of my inability to match colors. Anyway, I wanted a change. So we got one. The art is by Kurt Halsey. You should check him out. He kicks ass.
I don't play the guitar. And I don't wear my hair in pigtails. I guess the one on the left could be me sleeping. I think I'm uglier than that when I'm asleep, though.

Heather was in town on Saturday, so I got to see her, and it was nice. We even went to Lindsay's to go into her hot tub, which was heavenly. Before that, however, Heather and I did some shopping. And by 'shopping,' I mean that I didn't actually purchase anything. I haven't bought any books yet this summer because it's my goal to not buy any (except manga, when my series come out with new ones) because I own so many I haven't read. I won't buy clothing because I want to lose more weight. I won't buy things for my room/etc. until I go through everything I have and get rid of some things. I guess it's saving me money, though.

My favorite song lately is "Dramatic" by Yuki, which happens to be the opening theme to Honey & Clover. I listen to it in my car everywhere I go. I can sing about half the song now (which happens to be in Japanese), despite not knowing what it means unless I look up the lyrics. The song has an interesting affect on the various passengers in my car. Heather's reaction was an indifferent smile. Ryan's was a demand as to what it was. My father's was the exclamation that it sounded like chipmunks. Laura's was, "Oh, my God!" Dylan's was hands clapped over his ears, accompanied with a scowl. J-Rock brings out the best in us all.

I have an amusing anecdote to share. While at my sister's house on Sunday, I was idly flicking one of the cat's toys across its body. The cat would twitch, and stick its paw out (I hate that frickin' cat). Anyway, one time, I decided to change it up, and it landed on top of Amelia's head. I shook it a little bit, and she turned toward me and shouted, "I not the cat!" I thought that was the most amusing thing I'd heard all day.

Ryan and I went to Heritage Hill this evening to hear some Brazilian jazz music. "Brazilian jazz," if you weren't aware, means "really terrible and shitty jazz." At least, that was my opinion. I think Ryan liked it, but I could only stand to sit through 4-5 songs. We did go to the library afterwards, though, so our trip downtown was not a waste.

Tomorrow (today) is 6-6-06. I fully expect the Apocalypse to occur. Deep down, don't you really want it to happen? You know, to spice things up? Okay, maybe that's only me.

Then again, the cleaning lady comes tomorrow, so I have to sleep in the basement so I don't kill her when she comes in my room in the morning. I also have to work at my job (my shifts are so infrequent due to so few hours that I have lots of time to dread the time I actually do work), so I guess tomorrow will be about as bad as the Apocalypse could be.

Current Music: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - Sixpence None the Richer
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