wMay 12, 2006

Stress is slowly slaying me, and thus I must alliterate.

This post has been randomly compiled throughout the day. Think of it as....stress-induced.

Firstly, holy crap, best episode of The Office EVER! I haven't swooned like that in a long time! Sooooo cute! I definitely didn't have the time to spare to watch it, but too bad.

I just spilled soda all over myself, yet managed not to get any on my laptop. Yessssss....

So I'm not exactly everything Mom always wanted:
"Hey, Mom, guess what. Next year, Louise is going to make the Sci-Fi Club into a campus-wide organization."
"That's nice."
"Oh, yeah! Hey, you know the big Anime Club we go to on Saturday nights---?"
"Oh, God!"
"Yeah, I'm going to be in charge next year."
"Is that....is that that thing you watch?!"
".....Do you have to go every Saturday? Aren't they weird?"

I enjoy how she says 'they' as if I am somehow not included.

Steph returned today, so that was good. Our beds are unlofted now, which is really creepy. I talked to my mom tonight and when she found out my final tomorrow is done at 7:05, she kind of freaked out. "What?! I thought it as done at 9:00! I can come get you tomorrow night!" So, now I have to decide by tomorrow afternoon what I'm doing. It'd be nice but at the same time, I'll have no time to pack before then. I'll probably wait until early Saturday morning, and try not to kill myself since everybody else will be gone and it'll be teh lonely here.

Kristen and I had dinner with Jaci and Gretchen, which was good. I love my friends, :) I'm also really, really sad that this is my last night in the dorm room with Steph. I don't even know how it could've been possible to be more lucky with a roommate, or even a friend. I've never really had a friend who was able to understand and predict me to the extent that she does. I definitely have trust issues (Hi, I'm Jackie; nice to meet you), but I think she's one of the like, 5 people in my entire life that I feel completely safe with at all times. And obviously the friends who are going to be in my house next year are awesome, but I'm really going to miss her when she's housefellowing in Witte, :( I love you, Steph! Let's not have this summer be a repeat of last summer where we talk like, once.

My dad and my brother are Up North for this week-long fishing trip they do every year. Apparently there's an inch of ice coating everything, so they're stuck in the trailer with everyone else up there. I find this much more amusing than my mother does.

Okay, so allow me to address this whole wiretapping thing. I am perfectly okay with it if the government needs to tap a few phones of people it thinks are suspected terrorists. The White House itself called it the "terrorist surveillance program." I don't appreciate the president doing it without the consent of Congress. The executive branch of the government has been reaching increasingly farther since its inception for more war powers. It can now basically wage war by itself. When do we say no?
So, yeah. While I didn't agree with Bush's methods, I agreed with the concept. What I'm not okay with is making a database of every single phone call made within the country. Nobody needs to know the length of every call made within this country, nor to whom they are made. I fail to see the necessity or even the usefulness of a database this massive. To quote Patrick Leahy (Democratic Senator from Vermont), "Are you telling me that tens of millions of Americans are involved with al Qaeda?" "These are tens of millions of Americans who are not suspected of anything ... Where does it stop?"
The original inquiry has been killed because the NSA wouldn't allow full access to lawyers from the Justice Department. Full story on that is here.
It is times like these that I am very glad that Russ Feingold is my senator.

Annnnnd, wow. I made it this far without even mentioning the two finals I have tomorrow. I feel really inadequate about both of them. But I just drank 20 ounces of Diet Mountain Dew and a handful of chocolate, so we'll see what I can accomplish before I burn out.

Oh. And I randomly thought of this today and I don't know why I'm mentioning it here, but Steph and Carolyn were talking about how Japanese was really the only class they ever took here that felt like it had a sense of unity. And I kind of feel the same about most of the Poli Sci classes I've had here. Even if I've never had personal conversations with the professors and I don't know most of the kids in the classroom, the teachers actually act like they understand us and appreciate what we've learned and that we're trying our best. Sadly, I've been hard-pressed to find that in my other classes.

Being really stressed out about finals while being high on sugar just makes me want to dissolve into shrieking sobs. *twitches*

OMG, LOOK WHAT STEPH GOT ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! (My mom is going to be so pissed.)

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