wMay 7, 2006


I fear that this post was terribly boring, so I ended up deleting it and then rewriting it. I fear it is still boring. TOO BAD.

A short synopsis is that my English final is tomorrow, and I'm more than a little frightened of it because our professor never really told us what was going to be on it, except that we'll have to write two essays. So basically, I am incapable of studying for it. YAY! XD

And once that's over with, I have until Friday to freak out about how screwed I am for both of my Poli Sci finals. IT'S GOING TO BE GREAT.

I've been whiling my time away by being with my friends. Yesterday I pet dogs as part of this "pet therapy" thing in Library Mall with Chad, Paul, and Steph. It kind of sucked. The handlers just talked to each other, and only a few of the dogs were actually calm. We then spent time at Espresso Royale, and after that, Paul and I holed up in Memorial Library before meeting Chad to purchase pasties for dinner. We watched the movie "Inside Man," which was pretty damn good. Journalistic integrity forever!

This morning, Chad, Steph, and I went to the Farmer's Market. I came back and died in my bed for a while (I've been inexplicably tired lately) and then Louise and I took the bus out to Westfield Comics because today was National Free Comic Book Today, if you didn't know.

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phynelle :D

espresso royale is also the shit

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