wMay 17, 2006

It's Wednesday.

Aaron Sorkin (creator/first-four-season-writer of The West Wing)'s new TV show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip now has a 6-minute clip available and it looks pretty awesome. Link here.

Amelia couldn't go to daycare again yesterday, so she was at our house. I succeeded in getting her to watch a tape of Sailor Moon. "WHAT ARE THEY DOING?" had to be answered a number of times. Julie came over with Olivia and Dylan for dinner, and then she left with Olivia for a girl scouts meeting. Amelia and Dylan were being loud and upsetting my mom, so I took them into the den and turned on Final Fantasy IX - the FF game that I have with the best graphics and probably the most fun opening 45 minutes to watch. It was very amusing to explain to a 3-year-old and an almost-5-year-old. Amelia kept asking, "Jackie, why are you talking?" when I read out loud the text. "Jackie, why are you saying that?" Dylan understood the plot as I explained it and kept asking further points. "Why are they gonna do that?" "You're not supposed to know yet, Dylan." "But why are they gonna do that?"
My favorite was Amelia's reaction when I told her that the main characters were trying to kidnap Princess Garnet. "NO! DON'T TAKE HER, JACKIE. I don't want them to kidnap her!" Finally, I said, "Mia, we can't keep going unless I do what they tell me to." ".....Okay, I want you to do it."

They were both very disappointed when it was time to leave. I have created monsters. XD

I think my room would be a lot easier to clean if I had this huge shelf that could go around the perimeter of my room just below my ceiling. On it would go all of my action figures (well, not ALL of them of course - the Star Wars ones had to be carted to the basement long ago!), picture frames, and other nicknacks.

I am obviously happy to have a break from everything, but I'm kind of looking forward to work starting next week. My days will gain a structure, and if nothing else, at the end of the day, I can say to myself, "I made money/earned experience today." My goal today is to straighten my room up a lot.

Some of my grades have come back and I was kind of disappointed in my Presidency grade because I had kind of hoped for it to break through and pull me up a bit, but it didn't. So far, the 3/4 grades I've gotten back are the same. They're not bad, but they're not glorious, either. But the point is that once again, I tried my damndest, and that's really all you can ever do.
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