wApr 13, 2006

Something bigger than myself

Today was a good day. Holy Thursday mass was hella long, which I had kind of forgotten about (the length, I mean). However, sitting in church, I realized how much I needed it. I don't think that I can really explain it, but Lent is definitely my favorite time of year. It's depressing for a lot of people, but for me it's like facing head-on what your faith really stands for, and how deep it is, and how beautiful it is. I'm excited for the Easter Vigil mass (I'll probably go, even if my mom plans to go to church on Easter Sunday, too).

I had meant to write something more meaningful regarding faith, but I really don't feel like I can put it into words. God is good. Hopefully I'll have more insightful things to say after the Good Friday service or Teh Vigil.

On the way home from church, I stopped a half-block from our dorm to watch the lightning. I am afraid of thunder, but for some reason, okay with lightning. Anyway, I was standing there with my hands in my pockets looking at the lightning, which was quite persistent. I don't know why, but when natural phenomenons like these happen, people need to share it with others. So I called Steph and made her come outside with me. I called Chad, too, who actually went outside to see (unless he was lying!).

I just feel really happy tonight. The only thing that sucks at the moment (when I close my eyes and forget about school) is that my sister and Kevin are taking the kids to go see Kevin's parents over Easter, so I won't see them until next weekend (Mia's 3rd birthday, OMG).

Speaking of Mia's birthday, I have been instructed to procure a "big makeup stick." I'm not exactly sure what this entails, but I'll go to ShopKo and see what happens. If you were a 3-year-old girl, what would you want for your birthday?
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