wMar 25, 2006

you'd probably be better off ignoring this

I feel like I should write in here, but I've been wrapped up in a bout of self-loathing for the last couple of days that just isn't going away quite yet. Most of it probably has to do with midterms I got back this week.
In response, I've been organizing the hell out of my life, but yeah.
In general, life is a stagnant cycle of sameness, which I hate with a passion. Mostly because it stems from me. I haven't done anything creative in forever and every time I think, "Hey, maybe I should write something," I then think about how I have nothing to say.

Lately, I find myself constantly thinking about what I'm going to be doing after graduation. I have come to no conclusions, actually (still, to my dismay, no matter what career/field/job I think of, nothing is appealing), so one could say that no progress has been made.

Anyway. Last night, I went to go see Electric Six with some people at The Annex. Concerts like that usually aren't my thing....I'm perfectly okay to sit down whilst listening to music. But they kicked ass, so it was okay.

Today was all right. I received interesting news regarding cool things for the summer, but I'll mention it when I have more details.
The election for editor-in-chief for The Daily Cardinal was tonight. It was the first election I'd ever been to, and both of the candidates were really experienced and well-liked by the staff, so it was difficult. The whole thing took 7 hours, which I guess is kind of ridiculous when you think about it. But I was struck with the intelligence and passion of my peers. Most days, I think the world is all going to hell, but if people like them are going to be the ones in charge, then maybe things might turn out okay.

I think I only slept for five hours last night, so.....meh.

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