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My Academic Life and some links for good measure

I declared my English major today (this means I am a double major - English and Political Science), so I guess that that's good. I was given a brochure on getting a certificate (AKA: a minor) in Teaching English as a Second Language. What do you guys think? If I do that, then I think that's where my English electives would go.

I apparently only need 32 credits to graduate, but I won't be done with my majors in a year. If I had killed myself with 18-credit semesters (I personally find 14-15 credit semesters to be ridiculous enough at this university) and summer courses, I could have graduated in 3 years. Or, if I had come in knowing exactly what my majors were going to be, I would have been out in three. Ah, well. One-two more semesters is okay with me. It's not like I know what the hell I'm doing anyway.

The only negative thing that the English advisor had to say for me was that in terms of these law school inklings I keep having, my GPA is on the "low end." She did say, though, that English 215 is the most difficult English course, and that now that almost all of my Gen Eds (still 2 more science courses to go, :O) are out of the way, the GPA should go back up.
Of course, then I look at the classes I'm taking this semester - ones I am wildly interested in and adore, but for some reason suck at despite ridiculous amounts of time put in to homework/studying - I have credible doubts that this will actually happen.

This blog is a strange thing. I'm not really sure why I'm okay with just talking openly about things like my GPA - I know my mother would say something like, "Jacqueline! You don't need to talk about things like that - nobody needs to know that! Just do your best and when you get a job, nobody else has to know!"
But I really don't care who knows. I would love to have a 4.0, but no matter how hard I work, this is what I get. I don't get my grades sitting on my ass. I currently have a 3.279. If I can talk about feeling like shit, being angry, being upset for stupid reasons, feeling useless, or feeling hopeless, then I'd certainly hope that I could talk about numbers and the like.
It is only a number, and yet isn't it scary how much numbers control our fates? This number determines the rest of my life. It sucks that people skills can't be a category on a resume.


Brokeback Galactica.

It is probably in poor taste to joke about it, but if my family was trapped by snow in an RV for 17 days like this one was, I can guarantee that nobody would be smiling like that. Just saying.

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Brokeback Galactica: that was hot jackie. Very hot.

By Blogger Ogre, at 8:40 AM, March 24, 2006  


By Blogger Jackie, at 1:14 PM, March 24, 2006  

Teaching English as a Second Language sounds like a good possible career option. I'm actually thinking of that myself, since the whole law school thing didn't work out for me.

As for you GPA not being as high as you wanted--it doesn't mean you won't get into law school. Just study LIKE CRAZY for the LSAT. (I heard that if you have a high LSAT score then it balances out a lower GPA, and vice versa.) Also, the fact that you did an internship works very much in your favor.

By Blogger aeriscloud, at 12:50 PM, March 25, 2006  

See, that's the thing, though. I can't count on a good LSAT score because history shows that I do average at best at standardized tests. Also, you can't cancel your score after seeing it - you take the test and have 5 days to cancel based on how you FELT taking it - wtf?! Also, they average your scores if you retake it, so it's basically a one-shot deal.

Sooooo.....having a good GPA would be good, hehe.

And that is true about internships, but sometimes when I look around at this campus, I feel like I am so far behind everybody else. I guess that's good because it makes me push myself harder, but sometimes....good God.

By Blogger Jackie, at 1:31 PM, March 25, 2006  

Yeah, I understand about feeling behind everyone else. I've felt that way all my life. I don't know, I guess you just have to be patient with yourself and trust that things will work out for the best.

As for the LSAT, have you considered taking one of those prep courses? Also, some people take a year off after graduation to devote entirely to studying for the LSAT. Which probably would have been a wiser option for me, cuz maybe I would have done better on the LSAT then.

By Blogger aeriscloud, at 12:16 AM, March 26, 2006  

Yeah...being patient isn't exactly my strong suit, hehe. But I have been trying!

And as for taking a year off - yeah, kind of. My plan for immediately after undergrad is doing some kind of service - Teach for America, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, JET program - does that count as a year off for studying, lol?

By Blogger Jackie, at 11:20 AM, March 26, 2006  

I guess one thing I've really learned from college is that GPA isn't supposed to matter or hurt but it still does. I did good in high school without doing anything, and then I got here and I was screwed, basically. But if you really, really think about it--you are taking popular classes at one of the most difficult schools in the country. It's not supposed to be as easy as it is in high school. and I consider not failing a class to be an excellent feat.

bah. good luck on exams and stuff

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:14 AM, March 31, 2006  

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