wMar 6, 2006

i'd like to see many movies

I don't feel like recounting my day because literally all I did was go to church and study. To my credit, I reviewed Asian American Women Writers for 5 hours straight - I reread 2 novels and 2 short stories! I pwn.

Unfortunately, I feel woefully inadequate in all 3 of my other classes, even the one I don't have an exam in this week.

Jon Stewart was brilliant at the Oscars, and probably the reason that most people watched. Howl's Moving Castle totally should have beaten that Wallace & Gromit crap. I haven't seen it yet, but come on; it's Miyazaki.

Today was The West Wing Day in Washington, D.C. Yes.

And Margaret Atwood has a pen that lets her autograph books from far away. That is so useful I can't even stand it.

I know why I don't watch the Madison local news on TV - not only because it sucks, but because of what I saw tonight. When reporting that Green Bay Packers player Ahman Green signed a new contract, they called him Ahmad. Not only said it out loud, but had it bold letters next to his name. Like this: Ahmad Green HIS NAME IS AHMAN, YOU BASTARDS. Seriously. Not only is he a player from our state, but if you watch football at all (and I'd certainly hope that you would if you were a sports caster), you know who Ahman Green is. Those bastards.

So Steph and I randomly talked for like, an hour and now it's almost 2:00 and I'm going to hate myself so much when my alarm goes off tomorrow.

Thinking about anything even remotely related to academia makes me want to cry really, really hard.
scribbled mystickeeper at 1:48 AM

I hate college. It needs to die. or rather the whole grading system needs to die. why couldn't we just go and learn stuff like we wanted to, instead of all these crappy tests and homework assignments???

By Blogger Tas, at 8:57 PM, March 06, 2006  

Jon Stewart was a non-starter at the Oscars. Many articles have been released over the wires essentially saying the same thing. His attempt at 2 jokes that went nowhere led to his admitting "I'm a loser..." or something very similar.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:24 PM, March 08, 2006  

Kristen: I totally agree! I think I would learn way more from reading books/browsing the Internet all day long if I didn't have to do homework.

Anonymous: Humor is a pretty subjective thing. I found the majority of his jokes to be amusing, and particularly enjoyed the "attack ads" voiced by Stephen Colbert.
Also, pardon, but who the hell are you, anyway?

By Blogger Jackie, at 12:54 AM, March 09, 2006  

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