wMar 14, 2006

I have to sleep in the basement tonight; what the hell

I hope my parents get over the fact that it snowed, because I really want to go see Heather. Even if only for the car ride - I've rented books on tape: a BBC version of Hamlet, a story involving dragons written by Tolkien that is not Lord of the Rings, and a Star Wars Tales thing that my mom had me listen to on a car ride at least ten years ago involving Ulic Quel Droma and Nomi Sunrider.

I keep going to write a post in this blog of mine, but it keeps turning out really boring. So, let's just say that I have been spending time with family and friends and reading things and watching things and even getting a bit of homework done, and it's been great. I will now share some James!quotes.

Dad comes home from work and finds me lying on the floor watching Firefly and reading American Presidency stuff.
"Don't you go back to school today?"
"....James, I'm on Spring Break. I'll be here all week."
"Oh, God!"

Tonight at about 12:30, Dad came into the living room. He was upset that I was using his blanket (and his pillows!), as he usually sleeps in the living room. I pacify him by chucking the blanket on him, and he sits down and watches some Horatio Hornblower with me. At the end of the DVD, I comment on Horatio Hornblower's wife's habit of using a nickname.
"It's kind of weird that she calls him Whore-y."
"Hoary? I thought she was calling him horny!"


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Hey Jackie, if you're interested, and haven't seen it yet, there's a live action Sailor Moon special thing available for download.


I hope the movies are fun!

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