wMar 6, 2006

i am so inadequate!

I've been writing to myself in my journal on MS Word all day long trying to make myself motivated so that I could study for this Criminal Law & Justice midterm. Asian American Women Writers, I'm as prepared as I'm going to be and as ill-prepared as I am for American Presidency, it's waiting until after these two are done (which will be 2:15 tomorrow!). But I just....ugh! There is so much to know, and even though we received the problem last week, it's like you have to incorporate all of the information learned in class thus far EVER.

I've already been given myself the resignation pep talk of "Well, this is only the first grade so even if you do poorly, you'll do okay, and I can't see doing worse than a C at the worst, so that's not that bad..." Not a good talk to be giving yourself before even TAKING the exam!

I just feel like I usually do around finals time - all I can think about is everything I'm going to do once these exams are done, and how much I want to relax and read and watch things or play video games and then sit back and be creative until it hurts. NOT YET!

Anyway.....I'm going to try and throw this together so that I can finally go to sleep. Not getting enough sleep last night was definitely the worst decision.

Current Music: Hakou ("Wave Color")- Suga Shikao (a song used in Honey & Clover)

How stupid the shape of love is,
I laughed quietly.
Faraway waves of light move.
I don't want to purposely break
Sad things or even beautiful things anymore.
scribbled mystickeeper at 11:20 PM

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