wMar 2, 2006

amusement and despair

Holy crap! Anyone who likes The Office should click here - DWIGHT HAS A BLOG! So funny! I wish Jim had one, too. Fun fact: Dwight lists Battlestar Galactica as one of his favorite TV shows, and Starbuck as a hero/person he'd like to meet. YES.

The last couple of days have been spent in a strange, stagnant stupor. I want it to be Spring Break! Actually, I want it to be summer. I am so sick of stress! And it got way worse tonight when I made Chad come study/do homework with me at Memorial Library. I was working on the Criminal Law & Justice midterm and this sinking feeling just kept filling me every time I thought about any one of the three midterms I have next week. I feel so hopeless about all 3, especially CL&J. The class is graded on a strict curve and most of the people in that class are older than me and all gung-ho about becoming lawyers. I guess we'll just hope once again that the writing skills pull me through.

I love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

And I wish I didn't have to study EVER AGAIN. That is all.
scribbled mystickeeper at 11:56 PM

HANG IN THERE WHORE! Hang in there! YOu're almost released.......temporarily....ok, that doesn't help.

THink Good food and Battlestar Galactica. There's something pleasant ot think about.

Well, I'm anxious to see your goofy ass next week.


By Blogger Ogre, at 1:54 PM, March 03, 2006  

I thank you for the encouragement, Ryan. It was actually very much needed when I read it!

By Blogger Jackie, at 1:56 PM, March 03, 2006  

So...tonight a few of us went to go see a comedian at one of the university's theaters, but when we went in we realized that we were at the wrong place because there was a group of people watching a sci-fi show on a big screen...then i heard the word 'cylon' and knew just what it was...so i thought you'd like to know that battlestar galactica has a faithful following here at marquette...and then i found five bucks.

By Blogger Jenny, at 11:51 PM, March 03, 2006  


Maybe next time I visit you, we can find them again, XD

Did you happen to notice if any of the guys looked socially conscious and/or cute??

By Blogger Jackie, at 1:58 AM, March 04, 2006  

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