wFeb 8, 2006


I had started another post with this huge thing on the Mohammad cartoons, but then I got tired. So maybe I'll finish it tomorrow? I don't know. Tomorrow is going to be scary. I have to go read the first 18 lines of The Canterbury Tales to my TA after lecture which is scary not only because it's early in the morning and I'm not entirely sure if it's in his office or not, but also becaue it's written in Middle English and I don't think that I pronounce everything correctly. That and we have our first big project due in section and even though it's finished, I have that nasty feeling that I didn't quite do everything correctly (despite having gone over it many times). In high school, this feeling always proved to be unfounded. In college, it always has a very solid foundation.

I am excited to go home. I want to see my family liek whoa.

Steph does not update her blog very often, but when she does, it's very amusing.

On the topic of blogs, my friend Jake has started his up again. You should check it out, too. Only three posts so far, but they're all very thought-provoking.

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