wJan 1, 2006

I am resolute!

It's that time of year when I review last year's resolutions and make new ones. It is a blog tradition! So you must deal with it. Usually, I do it on the 31st, but yesterday was work/church/read/Chad's, so I didn't. Anyway. Before that, a small update on life. I went to the Packer game today, which was pretty cool. The Packers have had a bad season, but we won and that was good. It was cold and ugly and dirty, as Packer games tend to be, but I'll sit through anything if I can watch Brett Favre. The end of the game was so sad....In the last 30 seconds of the game, he was going to switch with the second-string quarterback. Everyone started chanting "1 more/3 more/2 more year(s)" for about the third time, but then both teams just ran on the field. The big screens above each endzone kept showing shots of Favre walking in the field, etc. He waved a couple of times. When he got to the tunnel, the stadium basically erupted and all of a sudden it was like, "I'm not crying, I'm not crying!" (okay, maybe that was just me) and they showed him wave, and then he went inside. BRETT FAVRE IS MY HERO. I'll be really sad if he's done, but if he is, I'm glad I was at his last game. :(

New Year's Eve was fun. Chad had so much food! Holy crap. I hope he wasn't mad we didn't eat it all....we watched Anchorman and Almost Famous. Anchorman is SUCH A TERRIBLE MOVIE. It isn't funny! At all! Horrible. Almost Famous, on the other hand, was all right. The night would have been better if we had watched Fight Club, but Kristy purports that it as all out. Not sure if I believe her, ;)

Okay, a review of last year's resolutions.

1) Write every day (blogging does not count). Even if it's just stupid planning for my story like, "The school uniforms at Timria and Lanif's school includes black shoes." Hey, I might as well try.
I make this resolution every year. And I did much better at it this year than any other, with NanoWrimo at the end. Having a huge story that actually has a plot (okay, well, direction, at least) definitely helps.

2) Get decent grades both semesters.
HAHAHA.....well, Fall 2005 had good grades. Can't say the same for Spring....

3) Find another job - either to replace, or in addition to, my current job (for the summer).
Well, it was an internship, but working for my congressman was a pretty rewarding experience.

4) Figure something out in regards to life after college - maybe pick a major??? That would be really nice! Or even better, pick a career and exactly how to get there. That would kick ass. But it won't happen.
Well, I knew I wouldn't pick a career/whatever, but I did pick my majors - Political Science and English. Poli Sci has been declared, but I figure that before I declare my English major, I should at least meet with an advisor once, maybe spend at least one day in a UW English class.... ;)

5) Make some guy friends at college who aren't already my friends. I am like, guy-deprived. My dorm would be perfect, if only it contained some guys. :P
I did make more guy friends.

6) Conquer Final Fantasy 6. (This was a resolution 2 years ago, but this year I'll actually do it! And hopefully, I'll do it over this vacation!
Hmm, I never did finish it over Christmas Break....and then I lost the memory card at the start of summer. But I played FF Tactics in its entirety, so that's something, right?

7) Finish revamping my website, and possibly purchase a domain. If I can figure out how all of that works.
I finished revamping it. Some of the pages are wonky at the moment, but it serves its purpose.

Now for this year.....

1) Write every day (blogging/journaling does not count - we're talking creatively, here!). Length is not as important as passion, but a substantive amount is always nice.

2) Get decent grades both semester! Or die trying! (well, I basically died trying Spring 2005, but whatever...)

3) Move out of the dorms and into a house - a step into the real world! Well, this will happen no matter what - we signed the lease. But I keep thinking about it and how excited I am to live in our own house next year. This way, I'll keep a resolution for sure.

4) Have a summer job (probably the same one, unfortunately) and continue interning - either in the district office or with the campaign. This way, I earn (minimal) money and get valuable experience at the same time!

5) Try your best to become a Senate page at the Capitol for Fall 2006. That would be pretty cool.

6) Curse less. Cursing is still allowed, just...yeah. Steph notes that I "curse like a sailor." And while I don't hold that against me, sometimes I could stand to be a little more....ladylike....(*blanches*).

7)GET A DAMN BOYFRIEND, seriously, it will have been three years of NOTHING come June. I mean, I can't really make guys I'm interested in dating fall out of the sky, but....good God.

8) Eat healthy and lose some more weight.

9) Read some good books.

10) Be a little more spontaneous. The majority of your Saturday nights should not consist of UW Anime Club; your weekends should not follow an outline. Once in a while is fine, but....well, whatever. Being more spontaneous in general. There we go.

11) Stop being so afraid of going to things where you scarcely know anybody. That's how you meet new people, dumbass, and there are lots of cool people around you that you only barely know. Know them better!

12) Stop being such an ass all the time. You're usually nice on the inside - so make the outside stop acting like a jerk.

13) Kick some ass.

Current Music: Blackbird - The Beatles

Also, Deathnote is really good!
scribbled mystickeeper at 5:25 PM

I especially like the last one. Just remember- it's all happening.

By Blogger Kristy, at 7:58 PM, January 01, 2006  


By Blogger Gretchen, at 12:17 AM, January 02, 2006  

I hear ya on resolutions 6 and 7. Although I normally don't curse in polite company, I tend to spew a few bad words when I'm on the road in traffic. Actually, make that all the time when I'm in traffic. And I know, the boyfriend thing gets maddeningly frustrating sometimes.

By Blogger aeriscloud, at 3:06 PM, January 02, 2006  

Kristy - *passes hand over your face* You are home.

G - YES.

aeriscloud - Yeah, I am pretty awful in traffic, too. I partake in preemptive road rage, ie: "Don't even think about it, $%&#er!"
And as for boys.....well, apparently they're just missing out. The bastards.

By Blogger Jackie, at 11:22 PM, January 03, 2006  

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