wDec 4, 2005


I don't know why I keep thinking about law school. It's a ridiculous amount of money, and I don't even know what I want to do with a law degree. Not that I know what I want to do with the degrees I have now. That's all too much to think about; I'll just try to get through this semester, first.

I was pretty productive yesterday, although I was dismayed because my computer kept shutting down (already wrote about that on Saturday). This morning, I woke up and nothing worked at all. I clicked on stuff, and nothing happened. I called the Do-IT center, and explained the problem. I was told to update the Symantec Anti-Virus program and run a scan (useless piece of shit!). I called my bro-in-law, who could do nothing over the phone. Chad came over for lunch and reset it to where it was last night, and then downloaded a different virus scanner. This one found 252 virus-type things on the computer! Needless to say, it runs a lot faster now. SpyBot: Search and Destroy is a good program. Hopefully my computer will stop being an arse now.

In addition to computer issues, 2 of the water mains in our dorm broke, and we have no water. I hope they fix it! Showering is always good. Anyway, I'm going to try and be productive for the next fifteen minutes before I go to my next class.

I got this link from Sarah Stumpf, but I think you all should watch it. Ryan especially, :) It's a clip from FOX's latest episode of Trading Spouses. This woman has apparently just returned from being in the house a possible astrologer/someone who just appreciates the moon/tarot cards?! I don't know, but watching this makes me like, feel sick. Obviously, I don't believe in Tarot Cards, but I really don't see a lot of harm in them, either. But holy shit. I feel so awful for this woman's children. Especially that youngest little girl. :/

Also, I wanted to link to Paul's latest post, which is regarding the "Intelligent Design debate" that's been happening in the media lately. Good points, and quite eloquently written, in my opinion. Maybe I should start crafting better blog entries.

Although Paul doesn't give links like the Trading Spouses one!

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EDIT: Ummmm....I'm not sure what the deal is, but I can't edit the date or time on this entry. But for the record, it's 1:56 pm on Monday, December 5th. O_o
scribbled mystickeeper at 7:24 PM

Yeah, law school is a lot of money. But if it's what you want to do with your life, then it's worth it. Be forewarned, though: the LSAT is ten times harder than the SAT. I would know from experience.

By Blogger aeriscloud, at 10:39 AM, December 06, 2005  

Ick......and actually, I never even took the SAT! Hehehe, I went in-state, so I didn't have to. I think I took it at some point in middle school, but obviously that's a way different mentality. Ehhhhhh......back to forgetting about it at least until the end of the semester! :)

By Blogger Jackie, at 3:19 PM, December 06, 2005  

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