wDec 4, 2005

teh tired

I had wanted to write tonight, but I'm not feeling it. Maybe I'll make myself do it anyway. I feel like there's this huge gulf between my story and I, because I haven't written very much at all lately (a little dabbling over Thanksgiving that I didn't even put up in the blog yet). Maybe I should just leave the gulf, so I can focus on finals? I don't know, though, it might be a therapeutic way to take a break. We'll see.

I had taken quite a few pictures of snow and other things today, but I can't seem to log into my webspace on my Wisc account. There's an outage for the next 10 days on student data, but I hadn't thought that it would encompass our webspace. Perhaps it's just my computer being an arse. It's been really good at that lately....After Firefox lost all of my bookmarks (it lost the Hellsing scans I was reading!), Firefox will still randomly shut down. My computer often tells me that it's low on virtual memory, despite following instructions from both Chad and Gordon. There is this one set of pop-ups that has been coming up the entire semester no matter where I am on the Internet, despite having all this adware crap. And also, I now occasionally get to view the blue screen of death. Sometimes when I close the laptop for a while and don't use it, I come back and the screen is black and won't respond and I have to manually restart it. Computer, what is your problem?! I don't know.

Today, I slept pretty late. It's been snowing a lot since last night until now, so that's cool. It's pretty deep out. We slipped and ran on it on Library Mall (me cursing whilst chasing Gordon, who had the audacity to chuck a snowball at me!) on our way to get dinner. After that was Anime Club. I kind of wanted to stay for the movie, but then when Steph and everyone else left, I just went too. It's so weird for me to come back to the room at 10:00. At home, that would be like, when I leave. I guess it's okay, though. I am pretty tired. The last episode of Scrapped Princess made me cry, ;_; I liked the ending that my mind came up with better, even if it would have been way more sad/depressing. It would have made a lot more sense, I think.

Sleeping or working on the story? ...I think we all know the answer to that, ;)

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