wDec 3, 2005


I guess that I should blog in here. Yesterday was pretty relaxing, yet also productive. Rode the bus out to the West side and acquired some random groceries, and then holed up in Borders for a while with Louise. I alternated class readings with the first volume of XXX-holic, whilst sipping an eggnog latte. Eggnog lattes are yummy! Although, from my experience with eggnog lattes and tea, I've decided that while other-things-flavored-eggnong taste good, nothing tastes like eggnog except eggnog. While sitting at a table, I overheard two elderly gentlemen next to us. I think they were UW professors because they were talking about tenure and reading The Badger Herald (I almost said, "Noes! You must read The Daily Cardinal!"). They talked about politics and economic theories and other things. It was pretty cool.

We took Chad on his first trip to Yummy Buffet. I love that place because you can eat as much of whatever you want for only $5. Unfortunately, I have the tendency to eat too much there as a result, :/ We went to Avol's and I did a little Christmas shopping (Winnie the Pooh for the kids, bwah!), and then we went to Chad's. Chad wrote this play thing for his English class about the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, and has some computer game on which you can make movies, complete with voice overs. However, he needs people to do the voiceovers. While recording the only female part in the play, it was discovered numerous times that I talk like a Yooper (uppers? How do you spell that??) and that it's extremely difficult for me to speak sarcastically. Also, I'm incapable of making "sobbing" noises. When I cry, it's silent. Even when I sob. So....yeah. We watched some movie that I hated and then watched the second half of Maverick (good shit!) and then some TV (much to Paul's dismay).

I've read a lot of school stuff today, and hopefully I'll be able to read more before Anime Club....I hate when we have these org meetings because it becomes exceedingly difficult to schedule dinner.

I'm really hoping to write tonight. But at the moment, I'm hoping to eat something. I'm gonna go with Slim Jim.

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