wDec 28, 2005

(the most loneliest day of my life)

After writing in the blog yesterday, I watched "March of the Penguins" with Olivia, Dylan, and Mom. Mom was getting pretty upset with Dylan because he wouldn't shut up. He was asking about what it's like to be a penguin, and then Mom said, "Dylan, your great great grandpa was a penguin in Czechoslovakia." "Grandma, are you kidding?" I thought Olivia was going to explode, she was giggling so hard. Mom made some stew thing for dinner.

After that, Mom, Julie, and I took the Beasts to look at some house that has a ridiculous amount of lights on it. Dylan was crying because Julie was in the other car, so I told Mia she should hold his hand. So then in their puffy little jackets from their respective carseats, they held hands across the empty seat between them. They're so cute! Olivia and Amelia have bunkbeds, but Mia won't let Olivia sleep on the top bunk. "'Livah, you s'eep down here!" "Mia, you can't sleep unless Olivia sleeps next to you?" "NO." Awww....

And then after everything, Kristy called me and Chad has received season 5 of West Wing for Christmas, so we celebrated with the first 3 episodes.

I had to work today, which wasn't too horrible because I worked long enough to get all three breaks, and we were pretty busy most of the day. Can't say the same for tomorrow, when I work the dreaded 5.75 hour shift, which means I'm working the maximum amount for just one break. There's some good stuff on sale, though, so I might have to go shopping with Mom afterward.

After that, Molly took me out for dinner and then to Barnes and Noble because she had my name for Christmas. I suggested the Thai place, which was delicious. I got a book, and also discovered another book and a computer came on the $1 table. BWAHA. The computer game looks amusing. "Attack with both hands! Slaughter someone with the axe in your right hand while casting a spell with the left!" Heehee.

After that, I went to Lindsay's house, where the girls minus Jennifer were, plus Leah and Jenny for a while. Nothing like having people mad at you for you spending time with family/not calling them (even though they didn't call you either) and misreading things you say. These stupid things are done now. We're friends for a reason; can we not simply enjoy each other's company without making everything a contest or being surprised that some of us are growing past our prescribed high school roles?

Little tension there. Am I the only one here other than Ryan who's actually working over break? What the hell.

I think I just need to work on my bullshit-trimming techniques and everything will be okay. Go with the instincts, and in time, people will realize you were actually doing them a favor by not being an exceedingly unhappy lemming.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 12:14 AM

I'm sorta working during my break... not as much as you... but then again, I don't get paid.

Merry Christmas!!

By Blogger Gretchen, at 1:23 PM, December 28, 2005  

I'm working too...it's fun times at the breadstore. But mostly I end up with the same shifts as at least one (often 2) family members, so it's more fun then not...

Re-learning the cash register buttons actually took less time than I thought it would...

By Blogger Louise, at 4:13 PM, December 28, 2005  

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