wDec 14, 2005

is it after 9:25 on friday yet?

Um, so definitely sick last night. After writing in here, I crawled into bed with a stack of CDs because I knew I couldn't fall asleep but I couldn't just lie there either. I had a sweatshirt on, and the hat my mom had sent me. Sheets, comforter, plus 2 flannel blankets and another blanket. Underneath all this, I was freezing. I listened to quite a few CDs, while apparently making loud remarks to Steph. I know I got upset from laughing because my stomach hurt too much. I fell asleep listening to something and when I woke up, I seriously thought I was going to die - I was like, pouring sweat. I thought I had slept for a long time, but it was only a couple of hours because the lights were still on. After an triumphant trip (no dying) to the bathroom, I came back and listened to Return of the King. My mind started wandering and I kept thinking about all of these things that I hadn't thought were bothering me, but apparently were - because the combination of thinking about them and being feverish made me start crying. Usually it's a couple tears and I'm done, but my eyes just kept leaking. I'm not sure if I was crying loudly or not - hopefully not 'cause Steph would be all wtf. So that was pretty awful....fell asleep, woke up again when the CD played "Into the West," and then slept more.

I skipped Geology lecture, but made it to my other classes. I met with my Geology prof, who examined my mutiple choice questions from the last exam - he commented that I take the exams well - crossing off ones that don't make sense, etc. And I'll have it narrowed down to two choices and will write myself notes but then I'll end up picking the wrong one. He said that he could tell I had an A or AB-level of understanding of the material - too bad I'm getting a BC! If I can get 84-ish on the last two things, I can get a B. Too bad that's impossible for the lab exam...but being me, I'm going to try anyway.

Tonight I alternate between being incredibly hot and feeling rather cold. I think I'm better except I still don't really have an appetite and I feel pretty disoriented when I stand up or walk.

I feel like there were other things I was supposed to write about in here, but I forgot what.

All I've felt like eating is cereal.

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