wDec 7, 2005

in which the afterthought is longer than the actual post

I didn't want to blog today, but I guess that I can now. Most of the day was spent in a mood similar/worse than last night's. And I guess while school plays a part, it's lots of things swirling together.

I guess the good thing, if you want to look at it that way, is that it isn't anything new.

I thought I had something important to say, but apparently I forgot. Hopefully, I can fall asleep soon. The end.

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The exam will be cumulative. (Every detailed lab we ever did, with all of the useless details that are WAY more intense than the lectures!) The exact breakdown has yet to be determined, but it'll be somewhere around 50-50. I'd like to weight it
more heavily towards the second half, but the nature of the labs' make up sortof prevents that.
You ostensibly will be responsible for ALL of the semester's material as a result, from genus names to morphology. However, there are things that are more likely to be focused on. At some point in the next couple days, I will be sending out a study guide with things to focus on - it won't be all-inclusive, but it should give you an idea of relative importance.
Basically, we'll get vague directions like we did for the last exam. Verbatim, "You may or may not have to know _____." We talked about ______ in class, so you might have to know it. Essentially, no guidance whatsoever. "Know everything or you're screwed." In the meantime, go over the labs on your own.
Someone kill me now. Seriously. There were almost tears upon reading this email! The amount of information needed for this exam is utterly ridiculous, and it's not even the final!

I will listen to the voice of Chad, who tells me that as long as I pass the class, it doesn't matter because it's Science (I don't think I'm pulling As in any of the rest of my classes?!?! but this one's the worst so I guess that's good). I guess I'm just sick of not being able to say, "Why yes, I'm getting straight As, thanks, Aunt/Cousin/random person from high school, for asking!" People who get straight As here have some kind of freak gene. It'd be nice, but other things are nice too.
I knew that coming here would be hard, and that's why I did it. I had a lot of other options in Wisconsin/Minnesota, but I picked UW because it was the toughest, and because when you go to an employer/grad application/interview and say, "I have a double degree from the University of Wisconsin," it'll mean a lot.
So frick Geology, and everything else I don't care about.
I still kick ass.
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