wDec 29, 2005

i vow to meet more guys next semester, :O

The last two days have been pretty cool. Except for working, which I already loathe again. My back loathes it too. But I have tomorrow off, YES.

Last night, I watched Battlestar Galactica with Ryan and Dave too, for a while. Ryan and I got through the entire mini-series, so that was good. I'd forgotten how much I like that show....I hope we get to see a lot before going back to school.

I want shopping with Mom last night, too. New earrings, a random blanket, and some clothing. Wewt. And today I used some of my Christmas money and purchased the first two seasons of The West Wing because they were on sale at ShopKo. SO EXCITED.

I feel like I have a lot more personal-type things to say, but I don't feel like writing them here. Maybe I'll work on my story tonight! That would own.

Steph sent me a cool email which I didn't have time to reply to 'cause I read it at Ryan's....hopefully I will at some point. Also, all of my grades are in. Three of my grades contain the letter A, so that's good (2 ABs and an A), and I pulled a BC in Geology, so that's good. My GPA only went up 0.08, though, and I felt like it should have gone up a lot more than that for all of the work I did, and for how much better my grades are this semester than last semester. Last semester was the same except the two ABs were Cs. Oh well, though. I guess I'll have to get more As than ABs next time around, :O I have 73 credits now! I am ready to kick ass next semester. But for these few weeks, I get to expand the imagination instead of exercising my memory skills. Huzzah.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:11 PM

Yes, reply to my email! I suppose I could've called you, but I think it was like midnight so I thought it would be too late. I suppose I could have called you now, or any time between then and now or after now...We'll see. We're gonna watch Sailor Moon instead. Things are getting exciting with the Shitennou.

By Blogger Steph, at 9:14 PM, December 30, 2005  

hey, i got your message. I was chillin with Jennifer last night. Thanks for the invite.

See yah

By Blogger Ogre, at 10:54 PM, December 30, 2005  


What episode are you guys on? I need to be in the same place so we can freak out about it.

Tell Gordon I'll bring the VHS movie dubs back with me, heehee.

By Blogger Jackie, at 4:05 PM, January 01, 2006  

We're on episode 15 and counting. Jupiter I think is my favorite character now. She's so badass.

"Supuriimu sandaa!!"

By Blogger Steph, at 5:26 PM, January 01, 2006  

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