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Okay, I guess I'm going to write in here since all I'm doing is lying in bed, yelling at Steph because she's taking a shower before I am and that's not allowed. Uhh, let's see. Yesterday I actually woke up and took a decent shower and had time to make myself look presentable before going to class. This is a special feat for Fridays, because it's the second day in a row that I have an 8:50 class. Spent most of Comparative Politics figuring out what's going to happen next in my story (I'm so behind - I'm still not where I was supposed to be at on Thursday night!).

I called over to the English department and after explaining myself about five times to the secretary, I got put through to the undergrad advisor, which I don't think was supposed to happen because she's really busy until December 1st and I'm not an official English major yet. But I explained my plight, and she looked at my credits and said that I've got the 6 credits of Intro Lit. Yay! That means I can skip that part and get to the English classes I need to take.
I spent a lot of time going through the timetable and figuring out what classes I'm going to take next semester. For sure, I'd like to take Constitutional Law and English 215, which is Brit Lit before 1750 (required for the English major, writing intensive. Referred to by the advisor as 'boot camp' for majors). I'm thinking I'll take two English courses and two Poli Sci. One English class that sounds interesting is "The Anglo-Saxons," which is cross-listed with Medieval Studies, Religious Studies, and History. AKA: awesome. There's another one called "English in Society," which is described as Social and public uses of English; relationships of English structure, lexicon, and discourse to race, gender, class, education, ethnicity, age, and identity; the role of English in public policy. That sounds fun, and it only meets on Mondays from 4:00-6:30.
Prospective Political Science courses for next semester don't look to be quite as promising yet...It'd be cool to take a course on 'The American Presidency,' or there's also an entire course on the European Union. Ooooh, there's also "The Politics of Revolution" - An analysis of the causes, methods, processes, and consequences of revolutionary movements., which sounds pretty cool.

Anyway, enough about classes. Steph and I went to an LGBT safe zone training, which is basically awareness and discussion about what it's like to be LGBT. I guess I had never really thought about it before - what would happen if I suddenly started losing friends or was judged by people I didn't even know because of part of who I am. Not being able to express your relationship in public at all because it was "inappropriate." They had a lot of sheets, too, explaining the process that an LGBT person goes through when realizing that they are LGBT, and the processes heterosexual people go through in relating to the LGBT community - as in assuming that it's a phase and the person will grow out of it, etc. Also, there was free Papa John's pizza. XD

Louise's brother Cal is visiting this weekend. So, Gordon and Paul came over and then the six of us went over to Chad's to play Diplomacy. It was even more fun this time than last time, I thought. I actually had a strategy! It was cool. Huzzah for convoy systems. Chad made popcorn and snow cones and it was delicious. We also got to eat some of the sweets that his Mom had mailed to us. SO GOOD.

Steph has been catching up in my Ghost Hunters story (at some point, it will get an actual title), and I think we agree that it's all right for pulling it out my ass as I go. However, there are lots of character reactions that don't make sense/aren't thought out, lots of attitudes that need to be explained, and lots of situational things that don't quite make sense, either. But I guess I just have to get it all down first, and then I can go back later and make it awesome. Steph makes for a good beta reader, go her!

All right. There are many things that I need to accomplish before we go to Anime Club tonight (in like 3-4 hours, how did it get so late?! Oh yeah, we were up until 3:30, heehee). Deciding not to apply to the Journalism School lift that weight off of my shoulders, but...I still have two papers due the week after Thanksgiving (one of which being 7 pages), a Political Theory midterm the Monday before Thanksgiving, and TWO Geology exams this coming Thursday - one in Lecture and a quiz in Lab. Geology scares me the most. There is so much to memorize, and I don't care about any of it. You'd think an intro course would be a bit more broad, but no! No!

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scribbled mystickeeper at 2:01 PM

Awww. I'm touched that you guys did the SafeZone thing! My roommate from last year did it, apparently, which surprises and gratifies me. I love straight allies!

I'm in 215 right now and it's really quite hard... but my current prof is retiring this year so I dunno who will teach it next year. I'll keep my books so you can borrow them from me or whatever next year in case they use the same editions.

We should take an English class together! I also noticed the Anglo-Saxon one, but I think you need to have taken Old English first. Not sure on that, though. Word.

By Blogger Gretchen, at 6:08 PM, November 12, 2005  

Yes, we totally should take an English class together. Maybe that one that I mentioned that's only Mondays from 4-6:30, :O

And yeah, using your 215 books would be quite awesome. I'm afraid to take it if you think it's hard, ;_; By 'retiring this year,' do you mean as in number-years as in he/she won't be teaching next semester? Or did you mean next school year??

By Blogger Jackie, at 10:36 PM, November 14, 2005  

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