wNov 1, 2005

Steph and I were up 'til 3:00 last night, ;_;

I've been meaning to mention this for a couple of posts now, but I think that Patrick Fitgerald, the guy heading the investigation that indicted Scooter Libby, is brilliant. I watched his press conference live on Friday and it was the best one I've ever seen. He was professional, he knew the no-bullshit response to every question, and he didn't take any crap from the reporters. I wish Scott McClellan could be like him. Along with every other press secretary ever.

As instructed by my sister, I called my brother to make sure he had called our father to wish him Happy Birthday (yeah, Dad was born on Halloween). It was kind of crazy talking to him, as I haven't spoken with him in forever. It almost sounds like he's starting to acquire a semi-accent from living out in California.

I was linked by the Isthmus's coverage on Halloween. Link (You have to scroll for a while) Maybe I should eventually change the template so it doesn't always say "scribbled Mystic Keeper at *time*" It'd be weird, though. It's said that for 4+ years now.

Steph wrote about Halloween and included many details that I failed to put in, so read her latest blog post!

As of tonight, it's officially November, and I've started my NanoWrimo story. You can find the blog at http://spectrehunters.blogspot.com Tonight's writing is here. Short, but I wanted to start it.

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