wNov 24, 2005

Musings on Thanksgiving

I suppose that I should blog now, so that I might force myself to focus on other things. Yesterday morning, shortly after waking up, I was curled up in bed, getting through a reading for Political Theory. I heard someone running down the hallway and assumed it was my sister coming to say hello, but it was, in fact, Heather, who jumped on my bed. She allowed me to eat breakfast, but then forced me to accompany her to the grocery store in my pajamas. Awesome. Pizza was eaten.

I had a few hours in the afternoon to get things done, but I sadly was not very productive. I did obtain quite a few books from the library for one of the papers that I have to write. The librarian who was helping me look for books on Czech-Americans, Italian-Americans, and Irish-Americans, commented that it really was a shame that after World War I, Czechoslovakia was the only nation to turn into a democracy. The only nation with an army willing to stand up to Hitler, and could have held him off while France and Germany came to help, but was instead sacrificed as an appeasement.

Kristy/Sarah/TM: I saw your dad (well...TM's husband) on the news last night talking about the huge Thanksgiving meal you guys help prepare every year! That is so awesome.

I'm at my sister's house right now. Apparently, Julie decided that since the cat likes to sit in the sun so much, it is cold. Thus, she bought it a pale purple sweater with a ridiculous fluffy pom on the back of it. My sister claims, "She likes it!" but I am not convinced. The cat is still evil, by the way. It hasn't sat on my laptop yet, though. It must have learned from last time, bwaha.

Anyway, after the library/being home for a while, I went out to eat with the Whores (Lindsey, Laurs, Heather, Jennifer, and Felicia). It was really good to see Felicia again - it's been forever! She seems to be doing well, and looks awesome. We ate a Mexican restaurant, and it was delicious. We saw a bunch of other people from our grade after that, and then came home. I read a lot yesterday, but I'm still not done with Lullaby yet. Hopefully I can finish it today.

Oddly enough, I'm kind of looking forward to working tomorrow. It's kind of amusing to work in customer service, provided you are adept at dealing with crabby people without letting them know how ridiculous you think they're acting. Working is usually fun for about the first week and then it goes to hell.

Oh, and this is my Seeing Goblet of Fire Plan:
We should go on Saturday night, after 5:00 mass (with dinner in between). So far, attendees will include myself, Ryan, Lindsey, and Laurs. If you want to go, tell me! I need to figure out if we can buy tickets online before the date. Because if so, then we should all buy our own tickets.

The kids are all awake instead of taking naps like they're supposed to be doing. I'm so excited to go to my aunt's house and eat my mom's potatoes! And if past Thanksgivings are any indicator, I'm also excited to go to various stores (Barnes and Noble?!) and possibly a movie with my cousin Molly.

Damn it, the cat is starting to close in on my personal bubble space. Hahaha, she just fell in my backpack!

I'll leave you with this quote from Lullaby:
"And maybe you don’t go to hell for the things you do. Maybe you go to hell for the things you don’t do."

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