wNov 5, 2005

i enjoy being home

O_o I am getting so frustrated with my ethnic studies class! I ranted about it, but then I deleted it. Lucky you!

The Death Note manga is really good. Now I have something to look forward to next time we go to the bookstore, because I know that #2 is out. Hey, Steph, did you know that they have Tenshi na Konamiki for sale? There are 8 volumes or something at Walden's. :O It's probably been out for a while, but I just put it together that "Cheeky Angel" is the same thing.

Unfortunately, the bank closed before I could get there. So my check for $11.99 from Liz Waters will just have to wait. Teh suck.

Today was a bad day for the Badgers. :(

I have discovered that I have the power to make Mia run as fast as she can from one end of my sister's house to the other whislt screaming and shaking her head, as the cat's ears lie flat and it quakes in fear. This is accomplished by me squealing as loud as I can, followed by Dylan, who joins in after about 0.37 seconds.

I've written a crapload today, and I hope to catch up to where I'm supposed to be tonight. Maybe I'll post twice twice tonight, lucky you! I didn't think that I would appreciate comments as much as I do, :O So thanks to Gretchen, Karin, and Steph. You guys rock!

Current Music: Badger game, Mia screaming and chasing the cat, Dylan babbling to himself incoherently, Olivia asking me why they can't have candy before dinner

EDIT: Shark Boy and Lava Girl is the stupidest movie I have ever seen. Ever. Seriously, WTF?!?!?!

Okay, I'm not kidding, this is a story that my mom just told Mia:
"You know what, Mia, today at the hospital, we had a little girl come up in named Elizabeth Mary. She was very naughty because she stuck her tongue out all of the time! (Mia has been doing this lately) And she came in, and a huge piece of her tongue had fallen off! She was holding it in her hand and she said, Help me, help me! And now she has to talk like this (talking without a tongue). And everyone makes fun of her now.
Mia: ....How do you know d'at?
Mom: Her mom and dad came into the hospital carrying her and holding her tongue!
Mia: You?

...Mia: What is she doing now?
Mom: Well, she's laying in the hospital now with her tongue sewn back on. Waiting until she can use it again...

So....now we know where I get it from. *cackles*
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