wOct 9, 2005

Weekends bring peace; midterms bring Hell

I kept pretty busy yesterday, so that was good except for the whole studying thing. Woke up early and went to the Farmer's Market with Kristen, Louise, and Kevin (new friend from Anime Club) and some of his friends. While there, I ate a delicious cheese/chives scone, and also a stick of Ostrich jerky. Ostrich jerky tastes good! To bring back, I got a thing of tomato basil cheese spread (yum), pesto sauce (I want to try it on top of my ramen), and I split a thing of honey with Kristen because it looks good and would taste good on crackers. On the way back, Kristen, Louise, and I ate lunch at Chin's and now I have leftovers. I'm looking forward to November, when the three of us can talk about our NanoWrimo stories. I must make myself commit!

Louise and I went to the Karate Tournament after that. Steph and Gordon are both in karate, but they didn't compete. We watched a lot of people kick some ass. I think that once I'm done with college and I'm living in some city somewhere, I'd like to take some kind of karate class like that. I've always kind of wanted to - it just takes up a lot of time.

Then...we went to the Anime Club org meeting, which was all right. We ate at Asian Kitchen for the first time, and I acquired more leftovers. On the way to dinner, we passed this UW Ceramic Sale thing (yesterday all over campus was this 'Arts Night Out' thing). I purchased a small stoney-looking mug for like, $4. It's cute and I like it.

After that, we went to watch a kabuki play of Macbeth. I must say that the concept itself made the play pretty cool - all these Scotmen wearing kimonos and brandishing katanas. Sadly, though, I really only cared for a few of the actors. Macbeth was one of the ones I liked the least, which was unfortunate as (surprise!) he's in most of the play! It was kind of strange watching it....remembering all of the random tidbits I learned in Brit Lit in high school. So my overall rating was thumbs-down. Oh well.

Louise and I came back to the dorms after that. I had a lot of homework to do, but of course I didn't get any of it done. In fact, I started going a little crazy for a while but I think it was due to a lack of sleep. I dragged my ass to bed and did not allow myself to get out of it for ten hours, and I think I'm good now. Or at least good enough to get through another week.

I'm really afraid to take these midterms, and I think it's because I'm terrified of sucking like I did last semester. Poli Sci shouldn't be too bad because I always do fine on essays and I should know these things - enough review should make it okay. There are lots of random facts to know for Geology that I don't yet, but I have all day tomorrow and bits of today to study for it. Today's wide open, except for from about 7-10:30, which will be filled with West Wing, house meeting, and Church. I'm lectoring for the first time at Church, so wish me luck! :O

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