wOct 26, 2005

Something Important Enough for Its Own Post

So, my friend Gordon is a big geek. And he made an online forum for his blog. The thing is, he made a bunch of subforums for his friends. And he made one for me. So....maybe one day I'll make my own forum and we can have a huge online community and be merry. But for now, we will occupy this space. My forum is the one called "Jackie's Forum." The description reads You whore, you suck at life. Ah, Gordon knows me so well.....

So, yeah. Joining is easy. You have to do the "Register" thing, and if you have any problems, you can tell me and I'll yell at Gordon.

But seriously....come post things, especially in my part! 'Twill be great!
scribbled mystickeeper at 12:38 AM

The direct link to that specific subforum is http://soapergem.vzz.net/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=15.

By Blogger soapergem, at 3:26 PM, October 26, 2005  

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