wOct 29, 2005

Sleep will be glorious tonight!

Yesterday's angst has been dealt with. I was up until 4 studying, though....which made today interesting. In today's issue of the Press Gazette, the People's Forum had one of the more amusing things that I've read in quite some time:
Annual harvest fest fun and appropriate

GREEN BAY — Halloween! Why?

Why not have harvest festivals all over the nation instead of teaching children to get something for nothing — about the worst thing you can ever teach a child? Why are we spending over a billion dollars on candy, costumes and home decorations, when we are a great Christian nation?

Or are we a great Christian nation? Or a pagan nation? Time will tell. We are supposed to be a great Christian nation, yet we honor this pagan druid ancient feast day as if it is one of our own.

Fun? Wouldn’t a harvest festival be more fun? Why not celebrate life, rather than death? We are a Christian nation. Why should we celebrate death when we can celebrate life?

Let us put to death this ancient druid feast day that celebrates death rather than life. Our Christian holidays celebrate life rather than death — Christmas and Easter, for example. Let’s think about it.

Francis Kamenick

Setting aside the fact that the nation is not, in fact, a Christian nation, and the fact that she's being utterly ridiculous, where is she getting her information?? Halloween used to be a pagan holiday, until the Catholic Church made it into a Christian one (much like Christmas - festival of light, etc.). Halloween is celebrated because it comes on the eve of November 1st - All Saints Day, or in Spanish, Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead). There are lots of crazy people in the world.

It's Halloween season in Madison, obviously. The whole State Street thing is kind of dumb. Especially this year - they have bigass floodlights on just about every street corner and it's bright as daylight out there. Nigh on everyone who walks around on State Street is inebriated. Nigh on every female is dressed like a complete skank (tonight there was lace underwear....and that's it below the belly button), and people just walk up and down the street. And that's it, really. I guess after 1:00, people will start lameass tiny fires or break storefront windows because they're stupid. There were a crapload of police out tonight - horses geared for riot control and everything.
I know this not because I donned costume and milled about (that'll be tomorrow), but because Paul, Louise, and I rented a movie. Many angry asshole freshmen pointed at me and said, "What, are you dressed as a student?! That's lame!" (I was wearing my WISCONSIN sweatshirt). We watched "Boondock Saints." That movie kicked ass. I want to find the soundtrack.

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