wOct 24, 2005

not tired at all.....could be a problem tomorrow morning....

Everyone knows that ever since Aaron Sorkin had to cut ties with The West Wing, things just haven't been the same. But seriously.....watching this season has been like watching The End of Evangelion. You know that everyone has to die (or, in WW's case, pretty much everyone has to leave the show now that Bartlet's administration is ending), but instead of being happy about it (or keeping the characters in canon), everything is done in the most horrifically painful way possible. Toby never would have leaked that crap. Josh would have hired Donna and she would have taken the job. But seriously, making Toby leave like that....I felt a little sick after tonight's episode. Maybe it makes me a bit of a masochist to continue watching the show, but after investing this much time in it, I can't not watch it. But to me, it stopped being West Wing a while ago. It's the same set, the same actors (not the same characters), some of the same inside jokes. But this....this is an alternate reality.

I forgot to mention a couple things about the weekend. One of which is that on Saturday, whilst riding the bus down State Street, we saw a Zombie Protest. No, I'm not kidding. There were at least 25 people dressed up as zombies, walking as zombies, and carrying zombie protest signs such as "Zombies have rights too! Let us vote!" And "Please don't shoot for the brain!" I was incredibly amused. I love this city.

Steph returned today with lots of things for me to wear when I dress up as a Japanese geisha girl for Halloween. One of those things is a pair of geta shoes They are pretty awesome shoes that require a different type of balance and small, measured steps.

I read somewhere that there's going to be a Trigun movie. OMGYES!
Also, in the "Coraline" movie (based on Neil Gaiman's Coraline), the voice will apparently be Dakota Fanning? I hope he makes money off this movie and Mirror Mask (and Beowulf, when it comes out). Neil Gaiman deserves lots of money. He kicks ass.

Life might be going well for once. But since I'm happy about that, I'm expecting a hellish turn for the worse in the next 24 hours

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