wOct 19, 2005

i wish i could find these lyrics in english ANYWHERE

FF7 things.

I don't know how I didn't notice it until now, but....The Green Bay Press Gazette has an online forum. It looks like an amusing place, considering one of the members has the user name "GlowingPenis." But yeah. It's a pretty crappy forum, and the breakdown is kind of retarded. You'd think they'd break it down like the paper- "National News," "Local News," maybe "Politics," etc. No. There's Entertainment, "Current Events" (hello, it's a newspaper!), Sports/Outdoors, and Feedback. Oh, wait, I forgot one - "Protecting the USA" - WTF?! I can see how someone would think that it's important, but it doesn't really mesh well with everything else. I hope that the Press Gazette didn't pay somebody to construct their forum for them....

We got our paper back in Comparative Politics...I got a B. Stupid Bs! Although, as I told Mom, at least I'm starting off better than last semester! Upon looking at the paper, I realized that yeah, my paper really sucked. My formal paper writing skills have gone to shit. Maybe because I have to write them so rarely. My skillz have diminished since senior year in high school, :*(

The Ethnic Studies midterm left me feeling mixed. After staying up until 3:00 am studying my ass off, I walked into lecture hall, sat down, frantically shared tidbits of information with those sitting around me (carrying a typed study sheet apparently makes you a knowledgeable person), and received a 2-page exam. This 2-page exam did not contain any essays. No, the exam was fill in the blank, multiple choice, and matching. Easy, right? Yeah, until the fill in the blank section on the Trail of Tears asked us how many Cherokees died, what percentage of the Cherokee population it was, and how large the Cherokee nation had been to begin with. WTF?! I've never had to memorize population statistics for a history class EVER! I knew that it was 25% of the nation so I know I got a point there, but in retrospect, guessing that 4 million Cherokee died was probably a pretty high estimate. *checks the book* Yeah, it was 4 thousand. But at least I got the 4 right - right?! To me, the concepts have always been more important - why did Andrew Jackson do what he did? How did this affect the Cherokee nation? How did this allow for slavery to expand in the South?
So, yeah. I knew most of the stuff, but since the test was so small and there are at least 5 points that I know I got wrong, I'm a little worried.
There were a lot of dates, too, and someone emailed the professor. Apparently she decided to put them all in because we "worked so hard" on these timeline things that the TA had us do - pulling things right out of the book and writing them on the chalkboard. But oh well....the dates didn't bother me as much - probably a few wrong, but mostly not (yay AP History!).

In other news.....now I get to freak out about Thursday morning's Geology Lab Exam, which is going to suck. But instead of freaking out now, I think I should just go to sleep. You know, get more than 4.5 hours tonight or something.

Right now, at this moment, life is good. It's going to be okay.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 1:07 AM

DUDE! Your blog is totally the SHIZNIT! *worships it* except something on it is giving me a script error (since I have my script error notification on I can tell!) I don't know what it is though... ah well, it doesn't matter, but seriously dude your blog is shiny.

Your paper writing skillz have not diminished; they have just retreated! Give them a few prods and they will return, I promise ;)

and also you are cool, yepyepyep.

By Blogger Tas, at 6:55 PM, October 20, 2005  

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