wSep 21, 2005

where has the starlight gone

Yesterday on my way back from class, I ran into my Econ TA from last semester. That was kind of random. He said hi and we talked for a while, and I felt glad afterwards. I guess I just felt happy that he would actually remember my name, and random things about me. Usually, I assume that TAs will promptly forget about me.

I did a lot of laundry today, and have decided that with all of the stairs involved, it counts as a workout.

I apprehensively turned in my first paper today. I kind of took a different approach than I think most students would, but oh well. I did that in Journalism last year - I think I disagreed with every paper topic we had to write about. Apparently I'm contrary by nature. Who would've thought....

My mom never let me put tape or anything sticky on my walls or ceiling. Because of this, I never had glow-in-the-dark stars as a child despite wanting them desperately. I acquired some over the summer and, as mentioned previously, have put them up above my bed. I feel so excited when I turn off the lights that I feel like I'm five, but lying there in the dark and having them 24 inches above my face is awesome. I want to buy more and cover more of the ceiling. It seems silly writing that down, but I've felt that it was very important to share for the last few nights.
I tried making a Taurus, but didn't really have enough to make a Pleiades - I only used 3. Starlight is awesome.

I know that the night must end
and that the sun will rise
and that the sun will rise

I know that the clouds must clear
and that the sun will shine
and that the sun will shine

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ok, i'm sorry, but I'm in the library and am shitting to tell someone.

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