wSep 28, 2005


It actually felt like fall today. In celebration, I drank hot chocolate while looking for an op/ed piece to write a paper on.

I need something to do on Wednesdays. Because as much homework and studying I should be doing, I just can't make myself be productive for 8 hours. That's basically what resulted in this post, by the way. I did end up getting everything done today that I wanted to get done (I'm still going to power-study one more time for tomorrow's Geology quiz with the TA from hell), and rewarded myself with an Internet binge.

In the process of selling my football ticket for the Indiana game this evening, I discovered that I own upperclassmen tickets. How I've managed to be unaware of this up until now escape me, but I guess it makes sense - I definitely have upperclassmen standing. WTF, I've sold both tickets for a measley $20 so far...I am too much of a push-over when it comes to making a profit....

Steph and I agree that this is one of the best Penny Arcades ever. Although, upon getting sucked into Penny Arcade archives, this one's good too. Complete with sequel.
...I can't stop!
But Penny Arcade is always best when it references FF7.

In the Advent Children LJ community today, a conversation occurred discussing what people name their FF7 characters when they feel snarky. Apparently 'my penis' works nicely with 'Aeris.' (Scroll down for a second screenshot, bwaha) It's kind of like when we would play Halo and try and think of clever names for our MCs so that the computer would say things like, "You have been killed by a penis." "You have killed God." Or that one time when we all called ourselves 'God' but just changed how many spaces were in the name so that the people we were playing over Live couldn't tell the difference between anyone on our team. Ahhh, memories!

There really is no new news except that tomorrow morning I have my first Geology quiz and I'm scared because it's my first exam-type thing of the semester and I want so desperately to do well and get good grades and make my GPA swing back up. I have all these pep talks prepared about why this grade really doesn't matter, but I think I'll save them until after I take it.
I would be in perfect shape with homework if my Comparative Ethnic studies teacher hadn't decided to give us a quiz in lecture next Tuesday. Seriously, in a lecture, how many people do you expect to raise their hands EVER, about ANYTHING? From a half-hearted response, she's decided that since half the room isn't caught up in the readings (which is substantial, but not impossible), we're having a quiz. I really hate it when teachers do that. If some asshole is too stupid to keep up, then he's going to get a bad grade on the midterms and final. It's his fault, and it's not your job to police us to make sure we're doing what we're supposed to be doing. We're in college, we're not five, and we really don't need more work than what's already on our syllabi. Thank you.

The end. Oh, wait! The Advent Children OST went on sale in Japan today, which meant that the torrent was out. Quality music. "Cloud Smiles" makes me all wibbly inside.

This geekiness is getting disgusting. I need a fucking boyfriend.

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