wSep 14, 2005

ADVENT CHILDREN - No spoilers. Just squee-age.

I don't know how to describe my feelings right now other than HOLY SHIT. Advent Children is everything I want it to be. I'm sure I'll watch it many times. But, seriously. I forgive Square Enix for all this pushing-it-back shit and all the stupid things they've ever done. I even forgive them for waiting so long to make this movie, because I don't think it ever would have looked so badass. I love absolutely everything about it. The movie doesn't go too deep and it doesn't try to dick around with people's relationships/characters. Everyone is is canon, there is humor, and Tifa is awesome. You hear me?! I knew I picked the right character as my favorite!! Although, I do love Cloud, too. He is so angsty, and unlike shitty heroes, Cloud has reasons for being angsty. Good reasons.
I really was not expecting the fighting to be so damn awesome. I mean, the in the games it's turn-based stuff. But this's like what Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon would be if it was animated and involved swords bigger than people and Limit Breaks thrown in for good measure. I think I almost peed myself watching those fight scenes. This movie had better be really freaking popular. If only for the fight scenes. Holy shit. And picking out the Limit Breaks was so much fun!
Holy shit. And the ending.....I thought I was good and then it was like, "Oh! AWWWWWWWWW!!!!"

I really don't know if the movie would make sense to someone who hasn't played the game. The fighting would still be awesome. But....none of the characters are introduced at all. They give you enough storyline to understand what's going on, but I think you would definitely not appreciate it half as much because there's no understanding of who everyone is and how awesome they are.

Everyone in the movie was beautiful, which was awesome. Tifa is so pretty! And Cloud is hot. And Vincent. And Rufus. And Rude. And Reno.

My entire body is in OMGWTF-mode. Who the hell can do homework after watching that shit?? I feel like I need to find someone who's seen it just so we can say, "OMG, did you see----??" "OMG, I know! It was SO AWESOME!"

Don't worry. My fangirlishness is even scaring me. I'm going to rewatch my favorite parts (LIKE TIFA'S FIGHT SCENE) repeatedly for like, a week.

I know, with my blog posts lately, it's really really weird for me to be in this good of a mood. I don't know how I could ever be in a bad mood. HOW CAN YOU BE UPSET WHEN THERE ARE SUCH BEAUTIMOUS THINGS IN THE WORLD?!

*strews flowers about the campus*
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