wApr 9, 2004

Last night was good. After bowling, I went to mass with various people because yesterday was Holy Thursday. Then, we went to Ryan's house to watch "Red Dragon." It was an interesting movie, and I didn't think too much of a gore fest. The serial killer looked a lot like the guy who played Jesus in "The Passion," so that was kinda weird. And....yeah. It was really creepy when I got home. I'm scared of the dark to begin with, so after watching that movie, I basically sprinted from my car to the house and did not feel better until I was gripping the firepoker. Maybe I have some mental paranoia disease, but....a serial killer could be waiting until I let my guard down so that he/she/it can strike! Being The Hottest Girl Alive makes me a prime target, I'm sure. Yiss. Anyway, I'm going to work now, so the end.
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