wApr 4, 2004

back to normal

I am back now, after having spent the majority of the weekend reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My retreat from reality was well spent and now I think I'm all good again (I hope). On Saturday I worked, and then at night, I went to Chad's, with Kristy. We rented Final Fantasy X....I was really excited, it was the first time I played it (It's only for PlayStation 2, and I have the original PS) and I liked it a lot. I'm not sure if they did....hopefully we'll watch it again. Then we watched Saturday Night Live....but I fell asleep half way through. Go me. So then I went home and was sad I lost an hour of sleep....And after having napped on Chad's couch, I found that I wasn't tired at all. I read Harry Potter until like, 2, and then I finally shut off the light and listened to "Shackled" until I fell asleep. In the morning, Ryan and I went to church. He'd asked me the night before to go to the church on the local Catholic college campus. Unfortunately their mass time was changed this week due to Palm Sunday....so to pass time, we went to Barnes and Noble and looked around and then went back. It was a cool mass....it's nice to go to another church sometimes. Jennifer (the old youth minister) and her husband was there, so that was cool. And now I am here. I need to find small squares of paper to use to try and make paper cranes...because there was a thing in the newspaper today showing how to fold them, and I want to see if I can make some! That would be cool.

Lately I've felt more like writing in a diary for myself than in here (I haven't actually written anything, but I still felt that way), but as far as I know, I'll keep blogging. Even if people like my mother think that writing so others can see it is stupid. TOO BAD. I'll keep writing, and if you want to keep reading, fine. If not, fine. The end.
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