wMar 18, 2004

why is health care so expensive? it's rediculous

Today was a good day. School was boring, but oh well. After school I came home and wrote something and after dinner, I went to church because they were having a discussion about Mel Gibson's Passion movie. I was scared at first, because I was the only person under 35 there. But once people started talking, I felt more comfortable and then I was talking just like everyone else. It was really nice to talk about faith with older people. Usually in church, sometimes I think that everyone is only going because they think it's part of their routine and it doesn't mean anything - it only means something to a few people. But in talking with them, I realize how much faith means for so many people in church - you can't tell just by looking at someone what they believe. I have no right to try to say how real someone else's faith is to them. It humbles me, for being so foolish as to judge people. But it also gives me a lot of hope, that so many people know so much....and care so much. Aside from my perceptions of my fellow church members, it was also nice to think about The Passion again. I guess I'd kind of set it aside to deal with school things...I've been really busy the last couple of weeks. Reflecting like that always makes me feel bad, though. I feel like such a horrible person sometimes.....But I guess everyone does at least every once in a while. But sometimes when I think about the things I said throughout the course of a day, I just get disgusted with myself. I really need to start thinking about everything I'm saying - and thinking. I know that throughout the course of a day, sometimes people will say the smallest things, and sometimes they really hurt - they stick with me all day. Do I say things like that? And even if not to their face, how often do I say horrible things when they can't me? Ugh. But, enough examination of conscience.

After that, I went to Barnes and Noble with my cousin Molly. I didn't buy anything because I don't have any money, but I had a good time looking around. And now I'm here....teh end.

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