wMar 2, 2004

Whoever left the Gollum link OWNS. Haha, watch rapping Gollum and the homie orcs! I was v. amused. I'm too lazy to look up the ip.....the digits sounded familiar to Andy's, but then maybe they're Karin's. I dunno. Laziness wins over curiosity.

Tonight was a pretty good night. I went to school, and I actually got a lot done up by myself in the dark looking down on the stage. And Joe bought me a Cousin's Sub! 'Cause Joe's a nice kid. I read two chapters for History, my Mythology, and English (well, Saturday's English, but you know....some English). And then I came home and quickly did math (which was only done quickly because I skip the ones I don't know) and here I am. Only here to find out that John Edwards dropped out of the race! ;_; I liked him the most. NOW WHAT? I've heard some people say they won't vote for any of the Democrats because they're Pro-Choice (the people not voting being Pro-Life). This posed an interesting delimna (too lazy to care how you spell that) to me. Because I'm Pro-Life (no, we do not need to have a flame war in the comments of my blog)....it's like, one of the few issues that I'm extremely passionate about. But I have the tendency to identify with the Democratic Party. So I thought about that for a while....but then I thought about voting for Bush. And then I became disgusted and repulsed and wondered why I was ever conflicted in the first place. ^_~ Also, I'm confused about Howard Dean. If he dropped out, then how did he win Vermont?? I am easily confused, sucks for you all, 'cause you're reading this.

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