wMar 3, 2004

walk, in the rain....in the raaaaaiiinnnn...

So, it was my brother-in-law, who left the rapping Gollum link which amused me so much yesterday. Yay, him. Today, not much happened. Our history teacher basically told us we're stupid and screwed for the test tomorrow, but I had already resigned myself to this fate. I've still managed to read everything three times (well, the last two chapters only twice), so hopefully I'll manage to do at least relatively decently. I'm still going to church to eat pizza tonight - AP History will not cause me to miss out on quality time with my Jesus-friends, even if it only ends up being Ryan and Carrie 'cause everyone else is studying. :P We get to write poems in English based on William Blake's Songs of Innocence / Experience. Finally, though, WE get to pick the topic of our poems. Eheheheheh. I was considering handing in poetry I've already written, but then I thought about the uproar my teacher would throw if I turned in that one about bleeding from my eyes and crawling and whatever....bwaha. Sometimes I wonder my teachers would do if they could read my poetry and realize the things I'm thinking. Or anyone else, for that matter. Most people think I'm like, sadistic after reading my poetry. People on the internet have accused me of slitting my wrists (I don't! And I never have - sometimes, bleeding wrists just happens to be a powerful metaphor that shows up). So, I will be writing about something else. What, I don't know. I think this time, I'll just try writing a poem like usual, and then going back and making a couple of lines rhyme so that she doesn't throw a cow. Speaking of which, I don't understand why EVERY time we read a poem, we need to analyze the rhyme scheme and structure - can you count? Yes, that poem has 4 stanzas. Yes, each stanza is four lines long. Yes, they're about the same length. I think that by now.....I'm pretty sure...we can do that by ourselves! Anyway. I'm going to go babysit Dylan and 'Mia while Olivia has her dance class. TEH END.

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