wMar 11, 2004

today was a half day.

Blogger is a really big whore, sometimes. And sometimes I write really big posts, but then they get erased for no apparent reason. And I feel like splitting my computer with a pickaxe. So then I need to not go online for a few hours. Anyway, I wrote a big entry before. And I don't feel like rewriting it. So I won't.

Lindsey and I watched "Lost in Translation" tonight. I thought it was a terrible movie. Lindsey and I decided that Bill Murray is ugly, and we struggled to decide why it was nominated for anything. If Bill Murray was nominated best actor for that crap, then why the hell wasn't anyone from Return of the King nominated for acting? (there was good acting in LotR!) Like Frodo!

But, anyway. It is late, and there is no one online because they all went to go watch our girls basketball team at state. We lost. sux2bus sucks to bus? Hah.

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