wMar 6, 2004


Today was alright. I went and got my schedule from work - I'm back on for next Saturday, so I guess I wasn't fired after all. Today I sporadically did homework, and also read stuff from my "Idiot's Guide to World Religions" book that my dad gave me a year or two ago. I'm on Islam right now....interesting stuff. Tonight I went out for dinner with Lindsey and Lindsay. We went to the new ice cream place that Laurs works at. We left a tip, and Laura shouted, "WE GOT A TIP!" and then they all sang a song. It was very amusing. And the ice cream was good, too. After that, we did random things, and then ended up watching "The Prince of Egypt" at Lindsey's house - just me, her, and her parents. Lindsey had never seen it before, so that was cool. I love that movie. Also, at the movie store, they had "Spirited Away" for sale on VHS for just $4.95. I couldn't resist, that's so cheap! So now I have "Spirited Away." I also rented a tape with some uncut Sailor Moon episodes on it (kids' movies are free there), so now I am stocked up on movie-goodness for tomorrow, ;D teh end.

Current Music: Deliver Us - Prince of Egypt
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