wMar 31, 2004

So today was a much better day than yesterday. I just want to make sure everyone who reads this beast knows that....normally, I don't say mean things about people in here. Normally, this blog is just a place for my random thoughts and people who happen to like them can come here and read them. But sometimes when I'm tired or crabby or frustrated, I just vent, and I wrongly take my crap out on others. It's not right. And I try not to do it, when I'm in my right mind. But everyone effs up sometimes, and I'm just a speck in the big mass that is everyone. I think you all understand that, though. This blog will remain open, and it's staying here. No worries. And when I get upset, I hope it can still be a place where I can write until I feel better. But as a person, I need to not be so damn arrogant. It had really gotten disgusting and I almost needed something to say, "Shut the hell up, you big whore!" and something did, and I've shut up. Except not really, because I'm typing.

Why does my computer have such a slow ass? I don't know, either. Time to go read some History! I conquered three tests today, booyah.
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