wMar 29, 2004


Ugh, what an awful day. It started out just fine, but it went crappy as soon as I got to school. Our history teacher lectured the whole time, and math and mythology were exceedingly boring, too. So I'm going to sit down and write a frigging good paper. I'm locking the door, and I'm not emerging from this room until it's done. Not even for food. And I won't go online as soon as this beast publishes!

And they're redoing the den in my house, so on top of dealing with STUPID PEOPLE, now there's a crapload of noise! But fear not, blog-readers, I will conquer Stupid English Paper and then I will conquer Stupid Math Problems and then I will conquer Boring Rereading History Chapters. And then....THEN.....then, I will watch an episode of Utena and read some Harry Potter goodness because I started rereading the fifth book last night. Good stuff. *screams and then writes a beautimous paper*

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