wMar 12, 2004

New FFVII Advent Children scans! I will so not make it until summer....gosh, I'm so excited for this. It better be good, or there's going to be the biggest fan revolt everrrrrrr. They cannot ruin this game for me! And also, it's been a lot of fun to go back to all the old FFVII sites I used to go to, and read the theories people are coming up with about the movie. Everyone used to have all these really intricate theories about Jenova and Mako and Aeris and Tifa and Vincent and everyone, but then once you read them all, they all started sounding the same. But now there's something new to talk about....I hope the fandom gets revived. That's what got me into the internet in the first place - I remember being at Julie's house and going on their computer and finding the Final Fantasy VII Citadel and slowly getting sucked in...and now I am who I am today! I loser with a blog who writes way too much...and who should be working on her English project! No more internet, good bye!
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