wMar 14, 2004

name meme

Everyone on my LJ Friends list has been doing this, so I'll do it too, ;D

If you call me Jackie, you are the majority of the people who call me anything.
If you call me Jacqueline, you are my mother. And you are pissed.
If you call me Mystic Keeper, you are someone on the internet who I don't know.
If you call me Yakia Eel, you are infesting my inbox with spam.
If you call me Aunty-Panty, your name is Olivia or Dylan.
If you call me MK Llama, you are an ex-WOFSer.
If you call me Daria, you are Jim the Gobo Boy, who I have not seen for at least a year.
If you call me Feeb, you are my sister.
If you call me Weena, you are also my sister.
If you call me Barky, you live across the street and remember when I was under the age of 10 and ALWAYS WANTED TO BE THE DOG.
If you call me Reeree, you are Kristy. Or possibly Brian.
If you call me Hottest Girl Alive, then you're one of the brave souls who can admit the truth. I keep telling people, but not everyone believes me.
scribbled mystickeeper at 9:35 PM

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