wMar 22, 2004


Okay so I guess I'm just going to blog because I like, can't think. But I think that's because of my headache. Today's been an alright day, I guess. I broke my car scraper this morning...I was tapping it on the pavement to get the frost off before I threw it in the back of my car, and the end broke off. So I'm going to have to get a new one tonight, :P Umm...we got our essays back in history, which is worth mentioning, because my teacher wrote "Interesting word choice! =)" next to where I'd written "After his death, the South basically viewed the North as a cesspool of Brown-lovers." Haha. And English was just.....stupid. I learned a lot about a lot of different poets last week, but that's because we were teaching the class. Today she was showing us crappy papers written by people in years past and saying things like, "Remember! When you write a paper....you need a thesis! And structural clues! I know it's been a long time!" It's been like, two freaking months. And if anyone forgot how to write a paper in that time, then I feel really sorry for them. We wrote like, 8 of them last semester, I think we understand now! Jeez.

Also in English today, I read my "Howl" poem. (It's in my LJ if you care to have a read) It was really cynical...mostly about our generation. I don't mind reading my poetry, I just...I don't know. Everyone got really quiet when I read...and some people told me it was good, which is great. I don't know. I wonder what my classmates would do if I just....sat the whole grade down and read some of my real poetry. It's a strange thing to think about. But anyway, I'm home now, and I've got things to do. So....the end for now. Oh, wait! Thanks to the mangas, I started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion again last night (it's a Japanese anime for those who don't know...but one of the GOOD ones). What good stuff. Hopefully I'll understand it better this time around. I watched the first two episodes last night and hopefully tonight I'll have time for more. I don't know why I felt like mentioning that. Anyway. The end for real.
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